• i closed my eyes as the rocking and bouncing of the school bus finaly got to me. i felt like i was going to be sick. and it didnt help that the bus would jerk to a stop and everytime a student passed me, some part of them would always forcfully hit me. i guess that was the consenquence to being on the outside seat. but not once did any one turn and say sorry, not that i pay attention to them anyway.

    'uhng' i graned, too afraid to lose my lunch if i talked. i let my head rest on the seat in front of me and tryed to block out everything exept the sound of Basement Jaxx on my ipod.

    suddenly the bus jerked and turned dangerously. i almost lost my lunch that time, i had slid off the seat and was onthe floor as the bus still, jerked and swayed.

    i was unable to prevent myself from hitting anything because, m hands were clamped securly onto my mouth.

    everyone was screaming and paniking. the fact that i was onthe foor and trying not to be sick prevented me from knowing what was going on. but through all the screaming and shouting and pounding of my head, i was able to make out a few sentances. "were going to crash!" " its the lake, were moving to the lake!" " were going to sink into the great harris lake!"

    after that last exclemation the bus suddenly stoped jerking and i felt suddenly light. then it dawned on me, we were flying over Great Harris Lake.

    we plunged into the lake as the students tried to open the emergancy exit and i could no longer hold it in. everyone was too worried they were going to drown to notice me in the corner being quietly sick.

    it took me a while until i was brought back to reality, by then there were only 5 students left onthe bus trying to escape. were am i? were are they going? and why is there so much water? i asked myself dazed.

    then i remembered, the bus flew into Great Harris Lake and was sinking with me still in it. suddenly water poured into the bus from the exit and i was the last one in it. water was rushing all around me as i desperately tried to move toward the exit.

    but i was too weak and had no more energy.i took my last breath as the water went over my head and i kicked off of the window, by now the bus was on its side. the water stinged my eyes but i bit my tong to prevent myself from closing them.

    i reached out and grabbed the cold edge of the exit and pulled my self out of the bus. i tried to move upward, toward the air.but i was getting fainter and fainter, my lungs screamed in agony and just as i though i could no longer hold my breath, i felt cold air hit my face.

    i was only above water long enough to get a new breath of air and hear someone screaming my name. then my limbs became heavy and i was back in the water sinking to the bottom. by now my vision was so poor i could only see the blue green color of the water.

    just then faintly i saw a figure moving toward me and felt them grasp my waist. i tried to speak forgetting i was in water, and my lungs filled with water. everything went black and i could no longer feel anything.