• Chapter o1-Prolouge

    "KING ME!" I shouted as I roughly placed my black checker piece on my opponent's side.

    I was about to win.Me having 5 checker pieces(6 including the extra for the king).And my opponent,Rei,having just one more checker piece.I wads about to win untill our coach blew his whistle and told us to clean up.As me and Rei were cleaning up our game,I noticed my P.E. classmates talking about a helicopter landing in out massive P.E. field!

    Just imagine!The first ever(or so I thought) helicopter landing at Takomishi Elementary!Kids would be rushing to the nearest windows, trying to be in trouble,and getting out of their classrooms just to see a helicopter!
    Heck,even I thought something sensational would happen--if their were agents from L.A.(Los Angelus(sp?))!

    But this is a killer because me and my class would go to the cafeteria!Everyone was begging and pleading to eat out herre,near the P.E. field.I also wanted to be here too,I mean,who would want to miss this moment,a helicopter landing in OUR school!

    Although since my mind was all dozed,my team got to be the last team of our class.Again.For the 5th time in a rowI sighed as I walked accross the basketball court to the tunnle(hallways).


    After I got my lunch,I sat down to the right of Kirari Ramika,face-to-face with Rukia Mitzuki,next to Rukia was Ameka Tsukiomi,and Miku Urishima.At the table, I started a consversation related to the helicopter outside.

    But before that,right after I got my lunch,I put it on the table,and walked to the windows that were facing the P.E. field.Although one of the janitors blew her whistling saying,'Go back to your seats!'So I did.And then I started the conversation.

    "Why can't we eat OUTSIDE?"I asked.

    "I know right?"Rukia replied.While eating her round cheesy hot pizza."HOT HOT!!"She screamed then dropped her pizza on the tray.WHile she was thinking of a way to eat her pizza,I was thinking of a way to see the helicopter.

    Then I saw kids comming back to the window,I was VERY temted to go look so I did.When I went to the end of the crowd of kids,I saw the helicopter's tail.It was green from what I can tell.Also I saw an ambulance.TWEEEREEEEBEEE!The whistle shounded.I raced back to my seat.

    "What did you see?!?!" Miku asked in a VERY jumpy way.

    "Well,I saw the helicopter's tail,which was green and an ambulance."I answered before she jumpped so powerful,she'd be in Pluto in less than a snap.

    Right after I said what I said,Kirari looked at the window with the fresh batch of kids at the window.Then I thought,if every one loves that side of the window sooo much why can't they just marry it!?So anyways,when Kirari came back she informed me that she spotted two ambulances.TWEEEBREEE! The whistle sounded again.Luckily Kirari was already in her seat by the time that whistle sounded again.

    Then TWEEEBREEE!The janitor commanded the two girls to go back with their classes.I was beggining to think students will do ANYTHING just to see that helicopter!

    I grinned then suggested,"Lets start a riot!"

    "Sora!Don't jump to conclusions!Do you want to get in trouble?"Ameka asked me as if I was a mad woman.

    "But every one will do ANYTHING just to see that helicopter,so an army of kids should just do it!"I grinned.

    "Fine i'll help!"Ameka sighed.

    "Finally!"Rukia shouted happily.Then she chewed her pizza.Which was on the tray.Just let me put it in this way--Rukia ate her pizza like how a dog would eat his/her food in a bowl.