• As he walked slowly through the dark room, he looked down at the little orphan. He knew all the hardships of this little 8 year old girl. She looked just like the little orphan boy he knew, not as in looks but as if they emited a sad, lonley aura.
    He sprinkled a lidgt dust over her, giving her a comfotable sleep. He knew the fates of these two orphans, neither one having a happy life. He threw a little of his magic over the girl as he had the boy.
    "You can't mess with their fates." Said a boy of about 10, as he suddenly appeared from nowere.
    "They may not live close to each other, but i belive they can save each other." Said the guy as he looked down at the little girl. "They may save each other from their horrible fates."
    "What if the others find out what your doing?" The boy protested.
    "I'll protect them as long as I can." He said with determination. "They can't keep track of every human all the time." Then suddenly he disapeared with a little sand blowing around the place he had benn standing.
    The boy looked down at the little girl. "They expect me to learn from him?" He sighed as he disapeared in his spot. "Good luck, Nela." Said a whisper.

    The little girl, with dirt all over her body, sat with her legs curled up to her light blue dress. Her hair up in two messy pony tails, her light brown eyes stared off into the pick black.

    "I can't see anything." I said to myself. "Not like there's anything to look for."