• Gambino Mansion: 1;15
    Traveling around Gaia was simple and easy, all you had to do was type in the location and go, what was taking Shira so long was the fact that Bucho was not letting her in.

    “You owe me.” She said, threatening him with her lollipop, it’s red color bright.

    “The master is occupied.”

    “I don’t care Bucho, I can get in the easy way or the hard way.”

    He stared into her eyes then looked back up, his arms were always folded and he had a very good poker face but his voice was sincere when he said gruffly, “You don’t want to go in there Miss, he’s with one of them that you don’t favor.”

    Shirahime licked her lollipop, everyone knew she was against a lot of things, she had been against the aliens when they came and were against the vampires ever since they showed up. But that was long before other people knew about them, that was during a time that she didn’t want to think about.

    “If he doesn’t start something I wont.” Shira replied pouting a little at Bucho, “Just please let me in.”

    “Go in yourself, you know the way.”

    “Yay! Thanks Bucho, and maybe I’ll only leak two of those pictures to the press.”

    Miss Shirahime knew she would have to keep a happy face for Mr. Johnny K. Gambino and not harm this vampire, but when she walking into living room it was him who attacked her first.

    “That’s her!” He snarled, he threw aside the papers in his hand; letters, six of them in fact, his eyes turned black and he pounced on her.

    Johnny K. Gambino couldn’t see much of the struggle but when Louie was thrown off of her(which took a bit of strength and time) he had a large heart shaped lollipop in his mouth.

    Miss Shirahime’s eyes were narrow, she had bloodlust in one eye, red as an apple, she flung her hand out in front of her, a beautiful silver ring on her finger.

    Ring of heaven time and space
    Bring the Angels to this place.

    Her hand rose into a large light that had appeared above her, she pulled from it a long shaft, the Staff of Angels, it was an ancient item compared to Gaian time, and it was effective in making things…disappear.

    Stand tall, bind him well
    Send this demon straight to

    Johnny K Gambino clamped his hand over the girls mouth, she glance up at him, the bloodlust gone from her eyes, she looked back down shamefully.

    “Miss Shirahime, what are you doing here?” Johnny smiled down at the young lady and released his hands, with one word she could send Louie far underground but instead she smiled and said.

    “It’s about the time you had me under your care Mr. Gambino.”

    Johnny walked away from her and picked up the scattered letters, with a tug he removed the lollipop from Louie’s mouth, the young vampire almost spoke but Johnny spoke over him,
    “I thought we were done discussing the past Miss Shira, and please call me Johnny.”

    “Okay, Johnny, we’re not done discussing the past. I wake up on a coast with nothing but my intimates on and I know nothing about my life, when I finally regain my memory with antidote provided by you I find out not only that you’ve been experimenting on me since my arrival, but that you made me grow a tail. After the tail is gone I mutate into a dark elf, I still have the pointy ears sometimes Johnny.” Miss Shira kept her calm, her staff, now unneeded, shifted into her ring again, “Now I find out that there is a girl who looks exactly like me, with the same exact distastes as me prowling the night, watching the moon!”

    Louie glared at Gambino, his eyes still filled with murder, “Yes, why does this young lady looks exactly as my brethren describe and her name starts with an ‘s’?”

    Johnny Gambino gave Miss Shirahime one of the letters, it made her heart jump, it looked like her script, only more elegant precise, and it was her insignia, one wing black and the other white, although the ‘s’ in the center wasn’t hers, she didn’t have the time nor the money to buy sealing wax, let alone good food. But it looked like hers all right and the signature of “The Full Moon” looked like her doing also, she glared at Gambino, but didn’t say anything.

    “We’ll get right on this Louie, in fact, I’m sure now that Shira doesn’t want to be mistaken with this marauder we’ll work twice as hard. In fact, why don’t you work with each other?”

    Louie bared his fangs at the thought and Shira nonchalantly licked her lollipop, like a cat bored with it’s mouse.

    “Is this Adieu then Gambino?”Louie finally realized that Gambino no longer needed him now that Shira had arrived

    “For now.” As Louie passed her he leaned in close, “You better find this ‘full moon’ or else I know some people are going to find you.”

    “My blood is much to sweet for your kind Louie, perhaps you can prove your cowardice by fighting a weak little human girl.” She gave him a smile and licked the lollipop again.

    He growled and stormed out, after a moment, Johnny sighed, “Did Bucho let you in?”

    “Yes sir.” Miss Shirahime smiled a happy smile, but Johnny wasn’t fooled.

    “Where have you been Shira?”

    “No where just defending my house from animated.”

    Johnny laughed, “Nonsense, you haven’t been to your home in three months now, why?”

    “You’ve been keeping tabs on me?” Shira sighed and shook her head, Johnny offered her a seat and she took it. “I don’t know Johnny, I guess I’ve been out searching for myself.”

    “Did you find yourself?”

    Miss Shirahime gave him a dirty look, “No, and you know it. Do you know how hard it is to be a clone?”

    “I can’t imagine, now you could go ask…” Johnny smiled and shook his head, “is this what this is all about, you think there are more of you?”


    “No, you were the only one of over a hundred clones that could fully function, not even that you could function much better than some normal humans, but by that time….”

    “By that time you had moved on, to vampires, and I was your little guinea pig for you to test your magic potions on.”

    Johnny laughed, then he turned serious, “Speaking of magic potions, there was a project once, and it was called The Full Moon.”

    Miss Shirahime looked up at Johnny as he explained the serum, and what a deadly thing it could do.