• 'Running just keep running.' I think to myself, repeating the phrase like a mantra.

    'There it is. I've made it back, I've made it home...' I think with a wolfish grin that I now have thanks to some new freaky power I've managed to earn with all my time away. I've got my eyes on the 'prize' now. Konohagakure, my home.

    Inside the Hokages' tower near the hospital...

    Tsunade let out a long sigh as she puts her head down on the desk, her hand becoming majorly cramped seeing as how she had been taking account of all the missions that had taken place recently. However, her desk still remained flooded with paperwork; but her head flew up instinctivly at the sound of a srceam, but put it back down as she probably realized it was some young nurse who had yet to get over a fear of blood or needles. But the Hokage was out the door with speed to rival Maito Gais' when she heared the next ear peircing srcream ehco up to her office. The screams' message was a simple one word answer that would've had anyone running with a passion, the message simply was,

    "Wolf!!!" As soon as the Hokage bargded into the hospital she screamed,

    "Alright who in the HELL let the wolf in?!?!" She looked around before mentaly saying to herslef, 'You'll never get an answer out of them if you scare them like that.' But she didn't have the chance to calm herself down before a rather brave, if not somewhat stupid nurse behind the counter said,

    "L-lady Hokage the wolf let itself in. Self opening doors M'adam." The blonde locked her fists into balls before turning around to see a 4ft tall ice wihite, deep grey-blue eyed wolf, in a sitting position, wagging his 1 1/2foot long tail at her quite happily. The Hokage sighed, crouching down to look the unexcpected intruder over.

    'Hello old friend.' I say in my mind as she comes down to my level to look at me.

    "Call the Inuzuka's maybe one of Hana's wolves escaped." She says. But in my mind I say,

    'No I am not of Inuzuka, you can't tell from my obvious looks? Who picked you as Hokage anyway? Jiraiya? Oh well you'll find out shortly anyway...'

    And as if on cue the nurse on the phone hangs up and says,

    "Lady Hokage, that was the Inuzuka, they aren't missing any wolves." She sighs and looks me in the eye,

    "Who are you?" She wispers.

    "An old friend." I reply. She falls over backwards but catches herself, puts herslef into a chair without turning her back on me and replies, her body and voice shaking,

    "I-i know that voice, but can it be?" I step closer saying,

    "Oh but Tsunade it is me, and you can't deny it I'm back Tsunade, I'm back."