I am a simple girl living in a plain world. My parents are workaholics and most of the year I am alone in our big house. I am 5 foot 5 inches and I'm 17. I have red hair and soft dark blue eyes. I have a size 3 body and C-cup boobs. I always had an average life in Tookaho town. I really never had an exciting life till I met him. The man who would change my life forever.

    Chapter 1

    I was walking threw the fair. When I dropped my money, I bent down to pick it up but saw that someone all ready did. The dude that picked up my money had sharp blue eyes, brown hair, and a square jaw. I could see that he had muscles from the way he looked and he looked about 6 feet tall. He handed me the money and I blushed. As soon as he left my view I started to go to the parking lot to get to my car I had a Bentley Continental GT
    When I got there I started the ignition and drove to my house. When I was home I thought at how perfect that guy was who helped me, but somehow I knew that he was different. I could be wrong.
    The next day was school so when my alarm clock went off I moaned and pressed the off button and got out of bed. I went to take a shower, I turned the nob to a warm temperature and got in. The warm water felt good on my skin. I washed myself with my strawberry scented shower gel and shampooed and conditioned my curly hair. I got out and wrapped the towel tightly around me. I went to my closet and picked my skinny dark jeans with a dark blue tank top that said READ THIS IF YOUR A LOSER, I always loved the shirt the day my friend Michelle got it for me and my vans. After that I went down stairs to get some breakfast. I had some toast with jam and bacon. I went out started my car and drove to school. I was 15 min. early. I went to the office to get my schedule since it was the first day of school. Then my best friends Michelle, Lauryn and Micky ( real name Michael but we all call him Micky) finally came.

    " Guys come over here and get you schedule." I shouted. They all came running at me and engulfed me in a huge group hug.

    " OMG I haven't seen you in such a long time." Michelle and Lauryn said in unison as if they rehearsed it.

    " Yeah, I been wondering how your summer went Rose." Micky said curiously.

    " Well bad, my parents ignore me more than ever." I said grimly.

    When I said that they all looked sad. Which made me sad. Although I didn't really care because I'm used to them ignoring me by now. Then they all got there schedule. I have;

    1st period Chemistry, All of us were in it.
    2nd period Geometry, only me and Micky
    3rd period P.E, me, Michelle and Lauryn
    4th period I TA for freshman history only me.
    Lunch we will go meet at our table ( In the middle of the cafeteria)
    5th period Homeroom, all of us were in it.
    6th period History, me and Michelle.
    7th period English, me and Lauryn.

    I was pretty happy that we had most of the schedule together. The bell rang signaling that school started. So we all walked together to 1st period and went in. We sat next to each other. Then a guy with burnett hair was talking to the teacher. I tried to see who it was, but I couldn't because his back was facing us. As soon as he turned around I recognized who it as. It was the dude from last night. All the girls was all over him, but not me honestly I didn't really care for him. Also when the girls flirted with him they looked really desperate. I laughed when I girl tripped when she came in and saw him. After that he sat right next to me but I ignored him, by talking to my friends. Strangely enough I always thought that he was watching me threw the corner of his eye.
    I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was and it was no other than the dude.

    " Hey, I'm Connor." He said while holding his hand out.

    I took it and said," Hi, I'm Rose." We released hands and I turned back around to continue the conversation with my friends. After a few more minutes class started. It was boring until the teacher said," When 2 people have chemistry-" She was cut off because Connor shouted,

    " IN BED." We all started to laugh at his comment. We got to the point where we were laughing so hard that the teacher had to yell at us. Then we all started to hold our laughter and it was hard.

    " Connor that was inappropriate of you, but since it's the first day of school I let you off with a warning." The teacher said sternly.

    " Okay." Connor said while grinning.

    That's when the bell rang and we all got ready and went out to head for our next class. On the way to 2nd period Connor caught up with me and said," Hey, Rose I have a question." He continued," We'll I was wondering what was your schedule." I handed him the paper with it on. He smiled and said," You know we have the same one." I looked at him and then continued to walk.

    Connors POV

    I am always wondering why she didn't fall over me like the others did. Maybe I'll play with her for a while and see how far I can get her to like me. Hm I wonder, I think that there's more to this girl that meets the eye.

    Roses POV

    When school was over I went over to my friends and joined there conversation about sea monkeys. When we finished we all said good bye and went our separate ways. When I got to me car I saw Connor leaning on it. He looked at me and said,

    " I was wondering whose car is this, I never expected it to be yours." He said behind his grin. I laughed bitterly and thought that he was a stalker.

    " Oh so now you know that, that's my car then will you get off of it." I said harshly.

    " MMM, I don't know maybe if you say please." He said it nonchalantly.

    " PLEASE GET OFF MY CAR!!" I practically shouted.

    " Fine Princess." He said teasingly.

    As soon as I got home I saw my mom on the couch staring happily at a paper.

    " Mom what brings you here." I said nonchalantly.

    She looked at me and replied," Good news... honey I'm having a baby."

    I just stood there shocked at what she just said. I ran to my room and flopped my bed and screamed into my pillow.