• "blooming waste of meat, ask me" I didn't ask him, the moron.

    "oh shut up. u know we need it."
    "still a waste" he mutters.
    "wel, it wont be a waste when we get the footage now will it."

    I quickly grab a chunk of meat, and drop it again. ugh it was still worm and bloody.

    I choose instead to grab a bucket of blood steaming and swishing as only liquid could.
    I dump it over the side and quickly turn to put on my diving gear. i really didn't need to put it on yet, but i wanted to stay away from the meat. they would send in the camera equipment after me.
    "it's ready"
    i rotate on the spot, and before my thoughts can turn me away, i force my legs to propel me forward. Through the salty air, straight into the crimson water.
    I land in a maze of bubbles, blood, and sharks. I don't know which way is up, and which is down, which is a shadow, and which is trying to kill me.
    I finally get my bearings, just in time to see death hurtling at my face. The shark snaps toward my being, through sheer adrenaline my fear melts away long enough for me to sock it's nose.

    it turns and runs. 'hm sharks seemed braver than that' i thought to soon, i was now being circled by sharks, the idiots above me chose now to drop my camera equipment, i didn't see it coming, and it glances off my head.

    spots dance before my eyes and sharks are buffeting me from all sides,

    i only think 1 last thought, before i blackout and sink to the inky black depths of the ocean.

    ' wat have i gotten myself into....'