• I don’t know what it was…but her eyes…they were just—
    “Hehe, you bruise easily.” she laughed.
    “Kind of hard not to when someone tries to kill me…”
    “Your own fault…was just doing the right thing…plus I didn’t kill any one…”she trailed off.
    “OW!!”She put pressure on my bruise with a cloth…and it hurt…
    “Pffft!”She started laughing again, “s-sorry…Ahahahahaha!!”
    “Ha ha real funny…beautiful but evil…”The last part I said under my breath.
    “Hehe, what?”
    “Nothing!”Then she gave me a suspicious look.
    “Tell me. Hate when people say ‘nothing’ and they said something about you.”
    She looked at me seriously. Her eye’s still beautiful. They almost glowed since it was really dark now. They were the brightest thing in the room. They weren’t glowing like monster glowing like a lake when the moon shines on it. I just sat their staring at her eyes.
    Then it was ruined…when my girlfriend Anna walked in.
    The scene was me sitting on the chair leaning forward, and Bex staring at Anna from the floor…
    Anna looked like she was going to explode…she glared at Bex...
    “Hey HONNY wha-cha doin?”Anna asked and walked over to me and places a hand on my face.
    “Omg! What happened to your face?!”She shrieked.
    She was blond, dirty blond. She had a pink belly tank top on with tight dark blue jeans and black high heels.
    Bex stood up. And started putting her medical stuff away. Bex stood up at least at 5’’8’ or 9’.
    Anna on the other hand was 5’’5½.She was short. Now I on the other other hand, I was standing at a proud 6’’3½.
    “I got hit in the face by some ‘thug’. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”Then I hugged her. Bex sent me a real dirty look when I said thug.
    Luckily, my shirt was buttoned upright after Bex bandaged me up. Or else Anna could have really exploded.
    “Sooo…who’s your friend?”Anna asked.
    “This is Bex. She saved my life.”what I said was the truth .

    to be continued...