• As you hear the rattling sound of a knights armor you hear glory, his shining armor gleams with the heavenly sky, his helmet sparkles showing protection from the demons of thee dark abyss. The knights gloves proves courage as an experienced fighter, yet his heart is full with madness, madness only a knight can withstand. From the burning tears, the long and anguish cries through the endless dreary night. The scars of a knight tells his tale, the sword drips with the blood of many foes only a knight can see death upon his long sword no matter how many times he cleanses it. His magnificent shield heavier than the evil which lurks his mind, being able to block anything that steps in his path…except for his fate.
    As the heavens gates open a Holy Grail is descended down only for a true knight to wield it, for it is said to grant him the power from “God”. Many Knights died attempting to retrieve this sacred stone, but died because of there unworthiness and greed. A knight having the heart of Sir Lancelot and the mind of King Arthur can achieve it.
    As the young knight swings his sword gracefully knocking his opponent to the ground, some say that you can feel the wrath of god penetrating from his blade, not showing any sign of weakness. The Young knight’s mind is built like a game of chess, trying his best no matter how many men are on his side in order to control the center of the field. For I am this knight, maybe not having the light from God to lead me to victory, but having the Darkness constrict me. Showing that none is pure good or pure evil. Even Angels have pain and guilt, following up with Satan considered to be the ruler of “Hell” but has a fraction of light within him just is bondage by evil.
    In foggy mists knights are blinded so they follow there heart and soul to find his way out. As you look into the eyes of a knight you can feel his aura swirling around the knight like a tornado blow away a simple fly. His metal grieve boots creates craters in the ground, unable to look at such a knight you wonder to yourself how is this possible? Its possible through his might which shatters the brutal torment in this world, like his arrows that fall from the sky like rain, causing sad men to morn.