• Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    Eleven o’ clock. 11 o’ clock. 11 am. 11:00. An hour before noon.

    So many ways to say one time and that was just a few of them. Sometimes on those slow days I start counting all the different ways to say the time. And when the time changes, as it always does, I simply begin again. But it was not like I have better ways to spend my time time.

    Like anyone has better ways to spend their time then counting time itself.

    Oh dear. 11:03.

    Three past eleven. Fifty-seven to noon. Eleven o' three.

    Time. What a strange thing this thing called time is. Everyone knows the time. Everyone watches the time go by. But no one has the time. Oh those tricky people that say they have the time, they lie. No one has the time. Time simply does not exist.

    But how can that be? If time does not exist how do we count it? How do we watch it go by? Keep track of its movements? Time is merely a theory we silly humans created to measure the passing of another orbit around the sun. Oh the sun. That is another funny thing, but no. Today I mean to tell you about time and time I will tell you about.

    After all there is nothing better to talk about than time. It is everywhere and nowhere all at once. Not many things can do that you know. But time is special. Oh yes, time is very special, precious even.

    Let’s see, let’s see, what else to tell you of time? Oh, I know. Clocks. Those are strange things, they are. Clocks can count the time. Hour glasses count the time. I count the time. But I am nothing like clocks or hour glasses. Oh no, I count the time the ways those instruments do no. Clocks tell you the time it is, but I tell you all the ways to interpret those times.

    Genius, am I not? But they do not understand me. No… no one understands me here. They look at me like I am mad; like I am crazy. I am not crazy, oh no, I am very much sane. It is they who are crazy. Those men in the white coats, they call themselves doctors. They say they are going to help me. Silly people, I do not need help counting the time. I am helping them by counting time. But they do not understand. They do not see how important the time is; how vital time is. Silly doctors.

    And they all say I am the crazy one.

    Just where has the time gone? Is it 11: 15 already?

    A quarter past the hour. Three quarters to noon. Eleven fifteen.

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.