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    (BUT I'M NOT GAY.)
    Avenue Q
    “Sasuke! Please go out with me!” A short red-head girl with olive skin asked a tall brunette with pale skin.
    “I’m not interested.” The boy Named Sasuke said.
    “Sasuke... I love you! Please go out with me.” Another girl called
    “I’m not interested.” Sasuke replied.
    “Sasuke please go out with me.” Another girl asked.
    “Sorry but no.” He said
    “Sasuke I love you and-.” Yet another girl said but was cut off with an annoyed voice saying ‘no’. Sasuke sighed and walked off into his first class of the day.
    Sitting at his desk, it all started up again. Sasuke drowned it until he felt hand go around his neck. He sighed and turned to see what bold fan girl dared to do this. Instead of seeing a girl, he only saw his best friend Naruto.
    “What is it?” He asked the lean tanned boy hovering around him.
    “I need your homework.” Was the reply. Sasuke sighed and shrugged out if Naruto’s loose grip, he unzipped his backpack and brought out a piece of paper.
    “You can copy it if you never promise to do that again?” He told the blond boy.
    “Do what? Put my arms around you or turn you on?” Naruto teased. Sasuke shot the other boy a glare.
    “Gee. All of a sudden I don’t feel like giving you my homework.” Sasuke said. Naruto made that AH! Sound and dropped to his knees and begged.
    “Please Sasuke let me copy your homework! I promise not to turn you on again! Please!” Naruto pleaded a little too loud. Every one turned around to find out what was happening. Sasuke shot the other boy the yet another glare and just handed him the homework.
    “Here.” He said. Naruto took it and gave his friend a cheerful smile.
    “Thank you! I totally love you!” Naruto said and went to his desk. Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned back to the front of the class.
    “Here.” Naruto said to Sasuke as he handed him a piece of paper at the class. Sasuke took it and continued walking out the door, Naruto a little bit behind him. As soon as Sasuke came out the door, more girls swarmed him. About 40 girls got the chance before Sasuke got so pissed; he blew his biggest secret to everyone. As soon as he said it, Even Naruto became shocked. All the girls either cried or stood on shock and disbelief. All that happened because of one little line.
    “NO I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH ANY OF YOU! I’M GAY OK?” Yes. Sasuke did just yell it. Even the great Uchiha will blow his top. As soon as he announced it, the whole hallway was quiet for about 5 seconds until some guy laughed, followed by Naruto, then some others. The girls, on the other hand, stood stick still; staring at Sasuke. Then the cried or fainted. Sasuke rolled his eyes and left the area heading to his next class, Naruto trotting behind him, still giggling.
    It was lunch time and the cafeteria was abnormally silent. There was people talking, don’t get me wrong, but it was as if someone had died and it was the funeral (1). Sasuke was enjoying the quiet until two loud mouths came towards his table, one sitting across from him, the other next to him.
    “So… Sasuke…heard you like boys…. Nice.” The brunette across from him said while muffling back laughs.
    “Shut up Kiba or I swear I will gauge out your eyeballs with that spork you’re holding and when the handle breaks, I will get another.” Sasuke threatened. You could hear the venom seeping through his voice.
    “Geez! Touchy!” Kiba said and flinched
    “I think It’s ok.” Naruto said
    “That’s because you’re gay too.” Kiba retorted. Naruto stuck his tongue out at the boy across from them. Kiba flicked his tongue at him then winked.
    “Oh, you so wish.” Naruto retorted. Just then a pink haired girl and one with hair that was so black, it looked blue, came to the table. The brunette girl took a seat Next to Kiba and across from Naruto and just smiled. The pink-haired one sat on the other side of Naruto. She leaned forward so she could see Sasuke.
    “So, heard about your announcement.” She smirked. Sasuke let out and angry sigh.
    “And here I was, thinking how wonderful our babies would look.” She said and let out an over dramatic sad sigh. Naruto laughed, which made everyone -excluding Sasuke - laugh.
    “So, Sakura-chan, Hinata, How are you guys? He asked
    “G-good.” The brunette named Hinata stuttered.
    “Bored. There’s nothing interesting happening in this school, well, except Sasuke coming out of the closet.” The other girl named Sakura said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, and started to talk about random things and were joined by three boys that went by the names of Shikamaru, Sai, and Chouji.
    Soon school was over and Naruto was waiting for Sasuke to leave the building so he could get a ride home. Eventually, Sasuke exited the building and met up with Naruto to drive home. While they were in the car, Naruto turned to look at Sasuke’s profile.
    “So, who’s the guy?” Naruto asked.
    “Huh?” Was the reply he got.
    “Who’s the guy that turned you gay?” Naruto asked yet again.
    “ What makes you think there is a guy?”
    “Because most people aren’t straight one day than gay another unless there is a guy.”
    “That’s horrible logic.”
    “Your face is horrible logic.”
    “We’re here, now get out of my car.”
    “Fine. Bye.” And with that Naruto left Sasuke’s shiny black Sebring. Before Sasuke drove off, he shouted to Naruto,
    “Naruto, there is a guy.” Then he drove off.
    End of Ch. 1. I know Boring. But the 2nd chapter will start plot #1 so STAY TUNED!!!! No, the other chapters will not be as short. I just wanted to get through this part as quickly as possilbe