• The second Chapter!!! This is where the plot starts. I know, why not the first chapter? Well, you needed to know that stuff first. I soo wanted to add a funny rape scene cuz I just saw that goosh goosh goosh vid on youtube. I’m not though…I’ll make a one-shot about it. Well w/o further to do, I give you CH. 2 of If you were Gay!!!
    It was a week after Sasuke announced he was gay. If you were to go to his school, you’d swear there was a horrible death that affected almost all the girls and made the guys (Especially the gay ones) happy. At first Sasuke was happy; no more girls attacked him, no more ‘Sasuke- Kuuun!’ and no more breast in his face. Then he discovered the horror of fan boys. Instead if tiny, delicate girls attacking him, muscular, tall men took their place. Instead of ‘Sasuke-kuuun!’ It was ‘Sasuke-chaaan’. Instead of breasts, there were...well many things besides the obvious. Sasuke made his way, ignoring the crying girls, the petite boys, and pushed through the stronger boys. He finally made it through to his locker, where his best friend was loitering in front of.
    “Move or I swear I’ll kill you.” He threatened the little blond standing next to it.
    “Geez, you’d think you’d be nicer now that you’re out.” Naruto whined and moved.
    “Oh, I’m sorry Naruto that was like so mean of me.” Sasuke said in a girlie voice and a fake lisp. He was obviously kidding.
    “Much better.” Naruto said and leaned against the locker next to Sasuke’s. Sasuke rolled his eyes and got his materials from his locker. As soon as he shut it, the foot ball team came by and pushed him into his locker.
    “Hey f*****t, how’s it goin’?” One teased.
    “******** off!” Naruto yelled at them. Sasuke sent him a look.
    “Shut up Naruto.” He told the blond boy. Naruto Huffed then sunk back.
    “Aww, getting your boyfriend to fight your battles, you little f*****t.” Another teased.
    “Why should I argue with you wastes? You’re all just dickless jocks. Go take your steroids and get the breasts you want.” He said and walked away, Naruto following behind.
    “Way to tell those guys off!” Naruto said, amazed.
    “Whatever.” Sasuke said.
    “I mean you should’ve seen their faces they were all like ‘ohmigod! That hurt!’”
    “I really don’t care.”
    “I bet they won’t mess with you again.”
    “Yea they will.”
    “No, I bet they won’t.” Naruto said as if he knew he was right. And boy was he wrong.

    It was almost lunch and Sasuke went to get the books he needed after lunch from his locker. When he was about 50 ft. away, he saw that someone had written in big red letters ‘f*****t’ on it. No doubt it was one of the jocks. He sighed and wiped it easily away with his sleeve. He got everything he needed from his locker and went to the cafeteria, as if nothing happened.
    When he got to his table with his bought lunch, everyone was there and Naruto was finishing up the story of what happened that morning. As soon as he sat down, Sakura began talking to him.
    “Sasuke! Don’t let those guys get to you!” Sakura told him. Sasuke ignored the girl like he always did.
    “Yea, they’re just scum.” Kiba added.
    “Whatever.”Sasuke said. They were just telling things he already knew. Just then the former president of the former Sasuke fan club asked if she could borrow Naruto. Shikamaru told him not to go, and so did Chouji but he went with her because Sakura said she wasn’t trouble. She led him out of the cafeteria into a classroom filled with girls who looked as if they were mourning.
    “So Ino, what is it you want?” Naruto asked the girl. Ino flipped her platinum blonde ponytail back at looked into Naruto’s blue eyes.
    “So is it?” Ino asked
    “Huh?” Naruto replied
    “Who’s the guy Sasuke went gay for?” She asked. Naruto put his hands behind his head and scuffed his shoe with the ground.
    “Hell if I know.” He mumbled.
    “What!?! He didn’t even tell you?!? But Sasuke tells you everything!!” She yelled. Naruto didn’t even bother to ask how she knew that.
    “He didn’t even tell me he was gay…but there is a guy! He told me that much.” Naruto told the girls. Ino turned to the large group of girls.
    “O.k. Girls,” She yelled at the girls in a military-like voice, “Our mission is to find out who it is that Sasuke likes! Then we will make sure they get together so Sasuke will be happy. And if he turns out to be a hot guy, we take pictures!”
    “Yes Ms. President!” The girls yelled in unison. Ino smiled and turned to Naruto.
    “So, Naruto, are you in?” She asked him in a sweet voice.
    “I guess…this could be fun.” He said. Ino smiled.
    “Good. Now how can we get him to tell us?” She asked. Naruto’s expression went from ‘hmm… how do you get Sasuke to tell you anything’ to ‘Oh! I got it!’ within 10 seconds.
    “When he’s sleeping, he’ll answer any question. He doesn’t even know he’s answering it either.” Naruto informed them. An evil smile formed on Ino’s face.
    “Thank you Naruto.” She told him, and then waved him off. Naruto rolled his eyes then left the class and went back to lunch.
    “What was that all about?” Kiba asked as soon a Naruto took his regular seat at the table. Naruto stole a glance at the Raven-haired boy sitting next to him
    “Nothin’.” Naruto said and started to eat whatever pieces of Sasuke’s food he could steal.

    “freedom!” Naruto yelled as he left school. His last 3 classes were pure torture. He never knew that learning about wars could be so boring. Sasuke followed him out and went straight for his car, half listening to what Naruto was saying. They drove to Naruto’s house and since it was Friday, Sasuke followed him in to hang out.
    He greeted Naruto’s parents, then went onto the blonds messy room while said blond went to go get snacks and refreshments. He sat on the small, unmade bed and picked up the remote next to him. He switched to a show about a blue-eyed blond ninja who was ranting on about being ‘Hokage’ and bringing his best friend back to ‘Konoha’. Boring Sasuke thought and switched to lifetime. Some movie about domestic violence was on and he watched it.
    “God! Another Lifetime movie? I should’ve known.” Naruto said as he placed a bowl of chips near Sasuke and handed him a Soda.
    “It’s better than Entertainment Tonight.” Sasuke retorted. Naruto huffed and lay on the bed next to the bowl of chips. Yes Sasuke liked Lifetime and yes Naruto liked Entertainment Tonight. They were their guilty pleasures. Naruto watched the movie with Sasuke and mindlessly ate the chips until his cell phone started to play ‘church of hot addiction’ By Cobra Starship. Naruto took it out of his pocket and answered it
    “Hey Sakura.” He said, eyes still glued to the screen
    “No, just hangin’ out with Sasuke…Yes we are having hot gay sex…no we can’t tape it sorry…Ok sure…no, but how ‘bout 2?...ok…bye.” Naruto told the voice on the other line. Sasuke gave Naruto a look, wanting to know what the girl wanted
    “shopping.” Naruto told him. Sasuke nodded his head and returned his attention back to the movie.
    It was Saturday afternoon and Naruto was shopping with Sakura as usual. They were about to enter Victoria’s Secret when they were meted by a small group of girls exiting. Naruto quickly recognized them as Ino and the other fan girls.
    “Hello, Naruto. May I speak with you? The leader asked. Naruto gave Sakura a ‘should i?” Look. Sakura sighed.
    “Go on, I’ll wait in here.” She said and went into the lingerie store.
    “All right.” Naruto said and followed the other girls to a table at the food court which was 20 ft away.
    “So, Naruto is there anyway besides asking him in his sleep that I could get Sasuke to tell me who he likes.” Ino asked as soon as they all took a seat. Naruto thought for a little then shook his head no. Ino sighed sadly.
    “So just asking him won’t work?” One girl next to I no asked her. Ino let out a chuckle.
    “Try it out. Tell me how well it goes.” Ino told her in a sarcastic voice. The girl shrunk back into her seat.
    “We could trick it out of him, like say we know who he likes.” Another girl suggested.
    “As if Sasuke would fall for that.” Ino said
    “Yea, I guess you’re right.” The girl said.
    “Well unless you guys can become mind readers, there really is only one way.” Naruto told the girls and got out of his seat.
    “Well, I need to find Sakura.” Naruto announced then left.
    Naruto found Sakura looking at two lacy bras. When she noticed Naruto, she held them up.
    “Which one looks better?” She asked him. One was pink and white with darker pink flowers and white lace trimming while the other was black with cute skulls and blue hearts.
    “The black one.” Naruto told her.
    “The pink one it is!” Sakura said and put the black bra back on its shelf. Naruto rolled his eyes. Sakura did that every time. While Sakura was buying the bra, Naruto noticed couples walking around the mall and sighed. He wanted to be like those couples and walk around the mall holding the hand of someone he loved. But he was gay and if he did, it would raise hell for sure. Plus if his parents were to find out, he’d be dead for sure.
    “C’mon Naruto, you can zone out in H&M.” Sakura said and dragged Naruto out of the store.
    “Sakura, you’re lucky.” Naruto said. Sakura gave him a funny look.
    “Why?” She asked.
    “’cause you can hold hands and be mushy in public with whatever guy you fall in love with.” Naruto said. Sakura laughed.
    “You can too hun. I mean imagine those super-Christians faces if they saw two guys kissing in front of them.” She joked Naruto laughed and Pictured the dad covering the Girl teen’s eyes because she’s all interested and the mom giving them a disturbed look and the eldest Son growing curious. Naruto couldn’t stop laughing. Sakura held Naruto’s hand as they walked to H&M.
    “’Till then you’re stuck holding hands with me.” Sakura said. Naruto smiled.

    It was Monday already and Sasuke was half asleep. Ino, who was across the room from him was watching him; waiting for him to fall asleep. Ten minutes, when it was homeroom, Sasuke fell asleep. Ino thanked god in her head for making Sasuke fall asleep and putting homeroom after 3rd hour, so they have to stay with that teacher. Ino made her way to Sasukes desk and bent down to be eye level with the sleeping boy.
    “Sasuke,” Ino whispered, “Who is it that you like?”
    “Naruto.” Sasuke said in that sleepy voice but remained sleep. Ino’s eyes grew and she smiled. Ino quickly made it back to her desk and smiled
    “Naruto huh?”