• His hand raised, fury burned in those hateful eyes that once told me that he was glad to have me for a son. Now they showed what laid behind them, pure and utter hate for me being born. All i could do was tremble. What else was there? He was bigger and stronger than me, he knew everyone of my weaknesses and what did I know of him? Nothing... He was my own dad and I knew nothing, he hadn't expressed anything about him to me. Keeping that door shut and locked. My own love couldn't stop him from doing this. No. He wouldn't, he was staring and watching as I am beat by my dad.
    I laid on the floor, numb. In too much pain to shed a single tear through my swollen eyes. A throbbing came from the back of my head, a soaking and a strong smell came to my mind making my body ache, the numbing feeling leaving my body opening the door to a new visitor. Pain. I want to scream till my throat became sore and hoarse. My hair was soaking into this liquid known as blood. Soon the black out of my vision was going to come into my head, the blood was spreading as I laid there, staring at my dad as he towered over me.
    Flames went through my veins, muscles and everything you could imgaine in my body like a wild fire as his foot connected with my lower neck, making that held back scream of pure pain and disbielf escape my bleeding neck. Was death coming for me now? Was I going to shut my eyes to the blackness and never see the light again? No... I couldn't!
    I struggled to my jello like legs, shaking ferciously. I wasn't going down without a fight! My dad's rough knuckles connected again with my body but on my soft spot in the middle of my jaw. I was giving up without a fight. I collasaped to the floor, my vision and world going black.