He's black eyes stared angry at me. He shook his black hair and take a step forward. " you have to help us! " he shouted me. " Never " I whispered. He angered more and gave a blow to the white wall.

    He was between the door and I. I couldn't scape. I was in front of him, next to the window. I was trapped. " If you don't help us, I have no choice but to force you" he said. " You can't do that " I replied.

    He take another step and grabbed me. " Stay away from me! " I shouted. I tried to remove his hand, but I couldn't. I stared at him and whispered " I'm not afraid of you ". " You should be " he replied. Then he pushed me.

    I fell out the window and I hit my head with the ground. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't move. There was nobody there. I was dying, and I knew it. I heard a voice say my name. " Rachel! ". I knew that voice. " Dad? " I whispered. " I'm here. You're going to be OK ". I heard getting worse." But you're dead " I said. " No, I'm not. I'll take you to your mother."

    He couldn't be my father. He died two years ago, two months after my fifteenth birthday. And my mother was dead two. She died only three months after my father. " This might pain you" he said.

    I felt something in the neck. It pained a lot. It was like two sharpe blades that were introduce in my neck. I felt as if my whole body froze. What was happening to me? What was going to happen to me?.