• Timothy panted as he ran the length of the track. His feet dragged on the hot surface. He was barely able to move but Mr. Randers insisted that Tony would be able to run well if he just put in his best effort. He was, but no matter what he did Timmy just couldn't run as well as the other kids.
    He tore his eyes away from his watch, which he had been watching to see how much time was left until the end of the class period, and looked around just in time to see everyone else in the class pass him. Again. He had only just started the second lap and everyone was finishing either their third of fourth. Timmy had no stamina, no muscle, no throwing or catching ability. The only thing Timmy did have was brain. He was the smartest kid in the class. Timmy always turned in his homework on time, finished tests and quizes first, and got A's on everything.
    Except P.E.
    Finally the school bell rang and he stumbled off the track onto the cool grass. He collapssed then and there.
    "Timmy, Timmy! Come on Timmy! get up. You'll be late for next period if you don't get inside!" Mr. Randers shouted at him.
    That was the last thing Timmy heard before consiousness left him.

    Timmy sat up and scratched his head. He loved the feel of his short blonde hair when he ran his hand through it. His hair was just so soft. He looked around and saw that he was in the nurses office. The pure white walls with posters about health/hygeine and other ways to stay safe gleamed down on him.
    "Ms. Merio may I go?" Timothy asked. He was in the nurses office at least once a week so this wasn't a big deal.
    "I guess. Just take some ice with you before you go." She handed him a bad full of hard, translucent cubes. He pressed the ice to the back of his head, where the pain was strongest. Within a days time there would be a giant bump there that was for sure. "You know Timmy, you'd think spending so much time here would give you at least a few chances to read my posters. Do you ever follow the advice I have posted all over this room.
    Timmy thought for a moment, he had only ever looked at the pictures. He never paid any attention to what they actually said. He simply nodded his head and walked out of the room. Prepared for whatever injury would come next week.