• Dear Diary,
    The storms had yet too cease. I was frightened he wouldn't make it. He who filled my dreams. Only we had met a meer month ago. He filled my heart. He spoke words I'd never heard. Soon he showed up every where I was. time wasn't spent wisley for I had skipped almost all my weeks lessons to run arronds we did not need. There outside the gate he would stand and wait for me. We'd galavant into the night and do things highly not reccomended if my father knew. Though I was being courted I paid no mind to the man holding me by his side but the man wanting me by his side. I giggle at the thought of what my father would do if he found out. These past few weeks have changed me drastically. My father wants to take me to the nurturer to find out if I am ill, but I think my mother knows exactlly what is wrong. She gives me those understanding looks when I lie to her and tell her I am going to get milk, or I forgot my purse at the market. I am highly surprised they'd let me go on that account. Princesses aren't to do erronds but no one has said anything yet. Its been nearly 3 hours past the time in which he is to get me and yet I have reasurence he'll come. he would never miss a full mooned night with me. Those are the special night for me and him. We feel more alive on those nights. I hear the sudden taping at my window and I know it all too well. He is here to get me! To night will be one I am sure to remember beacause he has a gift in his hand and that look in his eyes