• It was quiet in the forest, but there were many creatures awake in that shadowy realm. Among those creatures were two full-grown wolves looking for a resting place for the night. The old gray male looked a t the female's swollen belly. "Are you sure you're ok?" he asked with a hint of concern in his vioce. The female looked at him with a stern gaze. "I'm fine but the pups will be here soon. We need to find a sheltered place quick." she replied. The male sniffed and caught sight of a cave that appeared abandoned. They moved cautiously toward the cave. The male looked around and said, "Wait here, im going to check to see if it is safe." she nodded and laid down to rest. "Hurry." The male walked into the cave and found it empty. "Midnight," he called. "Come on, it's safe." Midnight heaved herself up and walked into the cave. She laid down in the middle of the cave and tryed to fall asleep. "Thank you for being with me, Sange." she mumbled. Sange looked at her with affection. Midnight was a black wolf with speckles of white on her chest fur. Sange was a gray wolf with singes of black around his legs and hindquarters. They have traveled for many moons being the only survivors of thier pack. Strange creatures suddenly appeared, destroying everything and everyone but Midnight and him. Why the creatures let them live was still a mystery to them. Small yips started filling the cave and Sange looked up. Midnight was growling at him. He got up to leave her to bear their pups. It is tradition among all wolf packs that when a she-wolf is giving birth, then no one even the father could be inside the shelter untill she says otherwise. Midnight came to the entrance and told Sange that he could see the pups. They both went in and Midnight laid down. She started sniffing the pups and looked at Sange with mournful eyes. "They're. . .They're dead!!!" she yowled and howled the saddest sound ever heard. Sange looked at the five pups and saw one still moving. "Wait, the black one. Its still alive!" Sange jumped around with renewed vigor. Midnight helped the pup so it could drink the milk that was ready for it. Midnight stared at it untill just the right name came to here: Luna. Sange came back to ask her if it was male or female and its name. "It is a she and her name is Luna. Look on her head, a sign has been put there. The crescent moon sign." Sange stared in amazement and realized that this one pup, the one that lived while the others died, "She is the chosen one. . . ."

    Luna awoke from the same dream that she has had for many nights. She looked around and remembered that she was in the middle of the clearing after following a bunch of animals, who have also lost thier parents, here. Luna also befriended one of them who was a tiger, who went by the name of Sol. "You're awake. Don't you think it a bit early?"asked Sol. She looked at him with a start. "Sol!! Dont scare me like that. you almost gave me a heart attack. Sheesh." Sol's face fell and Luna immediatly regretted snapping at him. "Look Sol, I'm sorry but you got to warn me next ok?" she asked him, but when she turned to look at him, he wasnt there. Crestfallen, she stood up, but she was suddenly pushed to the ground. Luna jumped up with a snarl and found who had pushed her. Facing Luna was a wolf with white fur who looked at her with a smug smile on his face. She also saw some of Sol's fur in between the wolf's claws. "So the great one awakes." The wolf started laughing at its own joke. Luna snarled, "What have you done to Sol, Cringe?!" Cringe stoped laughing and looked at her with hatred. "Dont you ever call me that, my name is Shino. And as for your tiger friend, he is over there being a scardey cat instead of being a ferocious hunter." and Shino sarted laughing all over again. She rocked her haunches, pounced on top of Shino, and held him there. He struggled for little bit but realized that Luna was stronger than him. "Dont you ever insult my friends, and you have no right to be called a wolf if you critisize ones who are older and stronger than you!" she snarled. She gave him a n** on the snout, got off of him, and he ran whimpering, tail between his legs, back to his spot by the oak tree. Sol came up with suprise shining in his eyes. "That was awesome. Thank you Luna, no one has stuck up for me before." Luna gave him a lick on the shoulder when a large black wolf padded into the clearing.