• For a parent it is most important to be perfect, not at all out of the ordinary, but Chris‘s parents could not be any more unfortunate. Luke and Eva were no exception to this desire for perfection. They constantly went out of their way just to have everything laid out in order and design. And what they couldn’t fix they would get rid of, though they didn’t know how far they would have to go to fulfill their ambition.

    When Chris and his older identical twin brother Damian were born there was great jubilation for the parents knew that both of the boys would be perfect and normal or at least they would be with a little help here and there.

    Only problem was that the youngest of the twins was cursed. Cursed with a mindset- a demeanor that terrorized Luke and Eva every night. Ever since the twins came to the house one was worshiped while the other shunned. They had even tried to kill the cursed, however, there had been news of the twins and if there was a murder... But it was a problem for Luke Nightroad for he knew not which was which, so he detested both of them. In an attempt to help her husband Eva dressed them in two different outfits, one white and one black. The black the cursed, the white the heir.

    However this system did not always work, but it was a start. It worked for a long while as the two children grew up, yet despite living in the same house they were never allowed to make contact unless only briefly. And in those very small, insignificant moments the boys began to develop a relationship, a very deep, very personal relationship. And as they grew older the relationship deepened, becoming more sexual. Eva and Luke would leave the house for hours after the boys reached fourteen, figuring that Damian would make sure their mistake would keep in check. But it was during these times that the brothers would go to bed together, visit each others dreams, become infatuated with the other.

    But as they grew older disputes to some degree would arise, more or less focusing on the constant abuse of Chris. He could not see why he was treated so terribly while his brother was let free to do as he pleased. And as Damian gained more freedom Chris’s prison would shrink. His leash shortening, leaving him to toil over what would happen to his brother, jealousy over whether another boy would steal his heart.

    Their fighting only escalated and at one point they were both fighting tooth and nail. In a last attempt to revive their relationship Damian proposed the idea of having them switch lives from time to time. That way Chris could get some freedom. Both agreed and sealed the pact with a night in Damian’s bed.

    During one of the few times Damian and Chris switched there was an accident. The house they were living at had caught on fire. Leaving the him trapped. Soon everyone knew about the fire, though they knew not if someone was still inside. And their confusion left Damian to fend for himself in the growing tendrils of flames. Soon Chris had found out of the accident and ran there, arriving a terrible mess, weeping about not being able to save his brother. His grief was so strong that he herself tried to go back into the house but was stopped by his mother and father, both stating that this is what they had wished for all along- the death of Christian. In a last attempt to alleviate his pain he ran inside, leaving behind his startled and yelling parents. He soon got to Damian’s room and called out to him, screaming his name as loud as his smoke filled lungs could. He then heard a crash and saw several wooden beams cascade to the ground, landing on something. He then heard Damian’s voice weakly calling out his name. He ran to his brother, digging him out of the mess, ignoring the pain in all his body. When at last he had pulled off the last beam he knelt next to his brother’s body, knowing he was too late.

    Never the less he picked his body up and cradled it to him as he headed for the door in a dazed state. As he reached fresh air he felt someone jerk on his shoulder, pulling him away. “What the heel were you thinking you b*****d?!” It was his father. He had held himself together for so long, but at his father’s words his walls shattered as he slumped to the ground, crying, still holding Damian closely. “Damian isn’t alive anymore. I am. The one you wanted is here and my arms.” He stammered as he pulled at the sleeve of his shirt and revealed the many cuts and burns along his arms. The pain his parents had inflicted on him.

    At this statement and revelation both parents fled, leaving their helpless son to defend for himself, to combat all the pain he had brought upon himself.