• The woman took long strides down the narrow, dim lighted corridors. Her long chestnut hair bouncing up and down in her tight pony tail. Her hazel eyes dark as she receives the call that she is wanted at the crime scene. Haley Serena turns to the exit located on her right and moves gracefully towards the black 2006 Ford mustang. The top is cut off. It is a "special order." she told her friends when she got it.
    Checking her file on the victim and making sure she has everything she needs, she flicks on her black sunglasses and turns the key. The engine roars to life, she backs the humming machine out of the parking lot and turns into her lane.
    She turns onto the street a few moments later, and sighs as someone honks at her to go faster. "damn kids." She mutters under her breath, she may only be 21 but she has already had enough of stubborn stuck up kids for a life time. She parks her car outside of the yellow police tape that is spotted with people wishing they knew what happened. She gets out and walks up the lawn and towards a slender woman standing in the door way. She continues to walk as the woman turns and begins to inform her, "Homicide. The victim is Kelsey Morose. She is 15..." She trails off as they walk up the stairs that loom in front of them. The carpet is white carpet is speckled with red. Blood. She takes off her glasses and looks at the woman. "What exactly happened here?" she asks her, her dark eyes menacingly. She doesn't wait for an answer. She walks up the stairs and notices that the blood dots turn more into smears and puddles on the way up. She turns and watches as emergency personnel are carrying out different sections of a small body. Bile creeps up in the back of her throat as she walks in the room. Blood is dripping from the ceiling onto a pink bed room carpet. She gags as the stench of fear and blood mix with death. The stench is overwhelming. "What happened." she let out a small moan and stared at the ceiling. Blood was sprayed over the walls as well as the beds and drapes. A computer screen pulsated with one message, 'Round one begins'