• shadowraidian

    chapter one- The Present.

    I always hate going over to my grandfathers shop. He always has a
    story to tell and chores for me to do. mom makes me every thursday so i can " make sure he's okay by him self". she uses the same excuse every week, but not this week, i thought of a brilliant idea to get out of it.... and here i am in my room setting the plan into action on thursday morning. "jay!!" my mother called from the kitchen.i had to practice my moaning sounds all week for this."oouuughhh" it still turned out badly. some actress i am, i thought to myself. "jay,honey get out of bed its time to go to granpa's on the way to school."but mom i dont want" -she cut me short" i dont care you going anyway. besides tomorrow's your birthday. you can sleep in all you want."
    i had completly forgoten my own birthday was tomorrow, i was too busy practiceing my moans to care, i guess.suddendly a noise goes off on my desk, my cell phone is going off as i remmbered to tell chris to call me, so i could prove to him it worked. i awnserd it. "hey dude, whats up? you going to your grandpa's or not bro, cause' im on my way over to your place,man." "yea i gotta go, my mom did'nt fall for it",i whisper as my mom goes out my door toward my sisters room."pick up leah on your way here,okay?" "ya, sure." he said like he knew i was going to say it. leah and i have been best freinds since the 2nd grade
    and chris is always mad at me because i hang out more with her than him. but its normal for a 14 year old teenager in high-school to. it's the sad fact of mother nature. one day your in a playground eating dirt saying "girls are icky" the next your following them around hopeing they will drop there books,so u can supposedly be there knight in shineing armour because you picked up there books."knock, knock" i hear a man's voice as im struggling to get my cloths on."hey dad, whats new?" i asked as he walks in uninvited,again.he sticks out his arm and in his hand is a small blue box."happy birth day"he beams a fake smile through his teeth."thanks dad" i returned his smile with the same easily detected falseness."i decided to give you your present earley so i wont give it late, work called again, another buyer in texas" the words i loved to hear"dad out of town" i had absoulte control over the house when my dad left so i got to do what i want when i want, and with it being my birthday,my power just incresed 10 fold!
    i opened the box in side was a small necklace and a strange looking charm."what is it" i asked dumbfounded.
    "its a shadersmadiads or something like that,grandpa told me give it to you its a necklace he gave me. ask him what it is" he said confused."will do dad" i say as i walk out the door.as i walk by my little sister's room.i hear a burst of screams! "jadens almost fourteen!!!!" my littler sister yells at the top of her lungs.i run out the front door & of course walking up the side walk is leah and chris argueing about something, i couldnt hear them i just heard certain words like special and gift, so i ignored the bickering and said "hey guys. look at my present from my dad"as i showed them the necklace i couldnt help but notice these little marks on the side of the charm they looked sorta like letters, they made the shapes æ†  ill ask grandpa about them later. "so what do you guys think? leah replies almost immediatly" it's kinda weird looking but a good gift-in a way" chris agreed and said "ya bro, its funny looking what is it again?"
    i tried to think of the name my dad said,he was'nt event sure himself.
    "my dad got it from my grandpa, lets go ask him." "we have about an hour,bro before 1st period starts. lets hurry" chris said.
    "okay." me and leah said nearly at the same time. as we walk into my grandfathers pawn shop, i hear the tv on,baseball channel. grandpa is on the phone and leah and chris are argueing again, something about times. they finally stop argueing as my grandpa walks up and chris's stupidty lead him to say "hey granpa craft"! the one name my grandfather hates the most is grandpa craft. craft, my last name."fwaaap!" grandpa hits chris with his cane.for a short squabbly old man, he has a tough arm. about 5 ft, gray hair wrinkles but not too many. but from me, hes a garbage can. i have dark brown hair, my hair is normally down. chris hes always wearing a hat but he has blonde hair, but he has the type of blonde hair that gets into your eyes,long curly type, he never stands straight up and about 5 feet tall, leah's a simple brunette with long hair and about the same height as me. but thats what i like about leah, shes not too flashy, simple leah."so grandpa whats this charm thing on my necklace?" I asked,"what??"he replied..old people..they never hear you. i could be haveing a monster truck race in his back yard, and he wouldnt know."i said!! whats this charm!!!"i almost shouted.he looks at it, squinting his old wrikle eye lids. "oh that thats the shadowraidian charm."and again chris's stupidty leads him to say"shader-what ran?" "he said shadowraidian" leah mockingly said to chris."