• a kid was watching his dad shave. his dad yelled "s***!" so the kid says, "daddy, wat is s***?"
    the dad answered, "thats my shaving cream son." so the kid walked off. her walked in to the kitchen and found his mom cutting the turkey. "aww f***!" she yelled, when she cut her hand. so the kid asked "mommy, wat is f***?" "it means cutting son." she replied, so the kid walked off. he walked in on hi cousin playing a video game. his cousin lost so he yelled "oh b*****'s and hoe's!!!!!" so the kid asks, "wat are b*****'s and hoes?" "it means ladies and gentleman." he replied, so the kid walked off. well, it was christmas eve and when everyomne in the big family was seated, the kid stood up and said, "welcome b*****'s and hoe's. dad's in there shaving the s*** of his face and mom's in there f***ing the turkey."