• tab He remembers what he saw, he could never forget. Crimson Cricket moves quickly and quietly through the shadows of the empty streets. The cloudy night helps him stay hidden, a welcomed aid as his skill of stealth is lower than that of the common assassin and his memories were affecting them as he wanted to get this job done as quickly as possible.
    tab It had been a month since he came to this wretched city; passing through only to meet up with his twin sister and fellow assassin Ghost of the Ocean. As he was making his way through the streets he saw a large group of people crowded around the city square. Curious to see what the spectacle was he moved toward for a better look. What he was met with was horrific site. The decapitated head of his sister, along with her small band of assassins, placed on wooden stakes in the middle of the square. The stacks on which they were impaled turned red from the coat of dry blood. It was all he could do to stop himself from going into a rage right there. His fury knew no bounds, his beloved sister executed, murdered by the hands of someone within the city.
    tab The past month was spent gathering information on those who contributed to his sister’s death. Searching with each sleazy informant the city had to offer and killing them all. Whether the information was useful or not, whether he promised them their lives mattered did not matter. His quarry would not know of his coming and remain in the darkness till it was too late and vengeance obtained.
    tab After many informants were bathed in blood he finally found the information he was looking for. He learned that his targets were in fact the Generals of the city Silent Thunder and Crimson Sky. He was told the tale of how his sister was defeated by these two with the help of Sky’s hundred man army. Every single one of them would fall by his arrows and blade starting with the informant who happened to be one of Sky’s soldiers. The fool, lured in with the promise of gold for information about the Generals, but instead received a knife to the throat. One down a hundred and one to go.
    tab The first General he would go after was Silent Thunder a tall lean muscularly built man. His distinguishing features were his white tips at the end of his jet black hair and that he walks everywhere barefooted. He is a hand-to-hand close range fighter who is also able to craft the earth around him with his martial skills into projectiles for long distant attacks. A drunkard that spends more time at the bar than his post, the man who weakened his sister for Sky to take the final blow, the man whose life ends tonight.

    To Be Continued...