• The situation was out of control. Nobody was there to save her. The Shadow was coming close but she wasn't enough quick to escape. The Shadow started casting Magic but that could take time to charge. She had a chance to escape. Then a voice is heard: “Firaga”.The ground started rumbling and then flames started coming out of it. She started screaming until she heard one more voice calling: “Reflect”.It wasn't the Shadow's spell. A shiny aura surrounded the girl and absorbed the flames. Then the aura became a Sword and attacked the Shadow. He showed himself. He was wearing a hood and looked like a Magician but there was a scythe on his back. He took the scythe and called: “Attack Aura activate”. That was definitely a warrior Spell. The scythe started shining and then he attacked the Shadow with a finishing blow.He putted the scythe on his back and turned his back to the girl. “Wait!” she shouted to the man.”Who are you?”. He turned his head towards the girl and said: “Go home. This is no place for a little girl like you. Your parents may be worried about you.”The girl said with a lower voice: “I haven't got parents. They were both killed when I was born.”The man lowered his head and then started walking away. “I don't care. Just leave me alone.” “You can't mean that! You just saved my life!” She said. “Please, don't leave me alone!” He started walking away and she started crying. “Come. I'll take you to the next city.” She raised her head ad smiled. After a lot of dangers and adventures, they reach a village. The girl was tired so she went to sleep to the village's inn. When she woke up she saw a note. She started screaming and went outside. The tears where a lot. With every single tear falling to the ground, one of the girl's hopes were breaking apart. He wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere to be found.
    10 years have passed. The girl became a Witch since Magic saved her that day. But Magic wasn't the only thing that saved her. There was also him. Yes, him. She never forgot him. He might have left her but he was there. For a little bit of time he was there watching her. Protecting her. They never met each other again, but they didn't forget each other either.