• Chapter 5:The Festival

    The morning came by, the water had stopped, and everything was amazing. The trees were shining up with brightness, and there was no clouds in the sky.
    Seth: Hey, wake up! (He said in a loud voice)
    Joy: Uuuugggggggghhhhhhh..... I don't wanna.
    Seth: Well, your going to miss the festival!
    Joy: Hmmm?
    Seth: Ya know, the festival, the one right down the road, well then through the allys.
    Joy: Oh! Give a quick second.
    As always, Joy was in a ruxh to go and check out the festival, there was cotton candy, rides, games, and new people to meet.
    Seth: Ok!!! Let's go!
    Later, at the festival,there was one of Joy's friends, Racheel.
    Racheel: Hey!!Joy!!
    Joy:Hey, Racheel! Looks like you came to, huh.
    Racheel: Yeah, the festivals about once every 6 months, so, I just had to come!
    Joy: Oh, Here's one my new friends that I just made, just moved here. His names Seth.
    Rachelle: OH, hi Seth, nice to meet you! ( She said with a grinning smile)
    Well, see, Rachelle was a girl about 4 feet tall, smart and intellagent, and was really skillful.
    Seth: Hi, nice to meet you to.
    But seth never saw Evan at the carnival, for some odd reason, it semmend strange to him...