• I am sitting at the table, typing. I am writing a report for my history teacher and it is due tomorrow. I need another four pages, but I can't think of anything. I sigh. What a way to spend Sunday! It is later than two now, and nothing more will comeout from under my sputtering fingertips. Nothing helpful anyway.
    I have all the information on the Egyptian gods and goddesses! Why can't I write it out? Hotep-Ra and Aton whirl through my mind, but they don't flow into sentences, paragraphs.
    Feeling down about my writers block, I stare outside. Its beautiful.
    Who could have thought that the sky would be so blue, the leaves so green, the sun so bright. A bird dances through the air, rejoicing in the new Spring air. Wonderful, happy feelings spread through me. I know what to write!
    But as soon as I look at the computer again, my mind grows blank. If only I could run outside, rejoice in the beauty. It would be perfect if I could feel the warm sunlight sink into my skin.
    Could I take my computer outside? No, I need the internet and that won't work very well outside.
    Could I run outside for a while? Most likely I'll lose track of time. I always do.
    I could just stay inside and work. But that would be really annoying.
    Twenty minutes have already passed as I debate. Even though it doesn't seem like much time has passed, I also have a ton more homework to work on. Stressed out, I grimace and turn back to the cursed laptop.
    Four hours later, it is done! My report reads smoothly, and It has all the facts. I quickly draw up a cover page. I swish through my math and english without any problems. I'm not entirely sure that I got all my french problems right, but I can't wait to go outside.
    Eagerly I look outside the window. But the sun is already gone.