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    I awoke suddenly, my eyes snapping open immediately. The sun's rays were bright in the sky, but darkness was weighing down on me heavily. The rustling leaves and the swaying of branches were all that could be heard in the bitter silence of the forest, giving off an essence of destruction. My heart skipped beats at every unnatural sound as I trudged on my way, my eyes darting in every direction.
    Somewhere amongst the trees a cry echoed, and my ears perked up at the noise. 'Is it her?' I thought, looking in the direction of the scream. My mind full of every bad outcome, I began the trek to my doom or my salvation, running as if I were being chased by a mob.
    As the cry once more tore across the fabrics of the forest I knew it was her. I put the rest of my energy into my already swift footsteps, clearing the yards between myself and my destination at breakneck speed. At last, amongst a clearing that opened up to the heavenly glare of the sun, I found her, her hands and feet bound together. A gag, showing signs of her tearing and ripping with her teeth to free her mouth, hung loosely around her neck, and her teary eyes and bloody hands told me only one thing.
    "Ana!" I yelled across the miniature meadow, my feet unconsciously carrying me towards her. "Ana!"
    When she saw me, disheveled and dirty, certainty hit me. I fell to my knees before her, releasing her from the ropes around her limbs. Now free, she fell into me, and I took her up in my arms.
    "We have to get out of here," I said to her as I began moving as fast as possible in the direction from which I came.
    "He's coming, Skye! He's coming," she sobbed, her head resting as easily on my shoulder as was possible with my rushed footsteps.
    "Don't worry," was all that would come out of my mouth, and thankfully she seemed comforted as she slipped into exhausted unconsciousness.
    'The Rift can't be much further' I thought to myself, my legs heavy and arms losing strength; and then all hope was lost.
    "Skye of the Others, give me the girl!" A terrible voice cried from above, roaring with power and rage.
    In panic I began running, summoning energy from the depths of my soul. Ana in my arms I darted amongst the trees, trying to lose someone I knew could see me everywhere.
    'The Rift!' My mind screamed as what seemed to be a rip in space appeared before me.
    A blast of flames erupted beneath my feet, throwing me off the ground and Ana from my arms. I collapsed onto the ground, my left leg breaking on impact. I let out a scream of pain and terror as another fireball exploded just feet away from me, showering debris of leaves and twigs over me. Dragging myself towards Ana, I shouted again as my broken leg cracked and tore through my skin.
    Teeth barred I forced myself to my feet as tears of pain and fear poured down my face. Making my way to Ana seemed to take ages as continuous fire rained down upon us, scorching me with an intense heat when it came too close. As I came to her I placed my hand on her, pouring forth as much energy as I could spare into her, hoping with all hope that she would come to.
    "DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!" The voice bellowed again, and the sound of hundreds of footsteps rushing towards us filled my ears. My heart fell into instant heartbreak as I realized we were captured; there was no escape this time. I fell to my knees as my leg creaked again, breaking in another spot from the excessive wait I was placing on it's weakened support.
    "I'm sorry," I said aloud as the men called forth began to surround us; and Ana's eyes opened in that instant.
    My heart sang it's last song of salvation as I instantly took Ana up in my now weak arms, standing up on my right leg and moving as best I could the last few yards to the Rift.
    "Hurry!" I cried to Ana as I sat her on the ground, pushing her forward with the same movement.
    "NO!" The voice of the unknown roared again as she passed through the Rift, and a blast of energy hit me in the back sending me convulsing to the ground. "AFTER HER!"
    Giving up all hope for myself in the joy of Ana's escape I screamed the Words of Wisdom, closing the Rift to my world and the only means of my escape at the same time; and before I passed into unconsciousness I heard the terrible cry of anger that told me I had succeeded, and I allowed myself eternal rest.