• A boy, not so very old, rather very young, had gone through a gap in his life. Where he doubted whether he really existed or not, tearing himself mentally through truth and lies, not know which was which. He was on a verge of breakdown and insanity but someone helped him through. She was the most valuable person the boy could have but she didn't really realize it.

    The boy was on his way home with his family. Dad driving the car, of course, Mom sitting shotgun, looking at the map, three younger sisters in the back making the largest ruckus of all, while he was just sitting in the middle row next to the window of the family 8-seater, listening to his music. He wasn't very much in stature and he kept to himself most of the time; he barely even talked to his family but still managed a good enough relationship, if not seen as the best for him. His parents knew he was quiet anyway, he barely cried as a child but they didn't question why he was quiet, regardless. He was coming home from a family vacation out of town. He wasn't really doing anything in the car, just staring out of the already rolled down window blankly as he normally does.
    He closed his eyes to rest and slept for a couple of hours. He woke up, realizing that the van was parked in a rest stop. "Seems they needed to use the bathroom," he thought, "Might as well stretch while I'm waiting for them." So, he got out of the van, locked the door and told his dad that he was just going for a walk in the woods nearby. He started his stroll from the parking lot into the forest, looking at all the beautiful array of orange, red, brown, and yet still green leaves on the trees he passed by. Accompanying his every step were soft crunches and crackles and rustles from the fallen leaves, adding to the deepening tranquility. The boy would stop after a bit, pausing only to see how far he was from the rest area.
    The whole place was calm and still, no birds were singing or flying, no squirrels climbing around, only the soft crunches from stepping on the leaves was heard. He lingered at one spot and stood listening to the wind now blowing. The skies started to become clouded and the sun was almost gone.

    Then, a sound had broken the silence. The sound was unnatural and loud and was heard from only yards away. The boy fell down to his knees with a red liquid trickling down from his chest and a sharp pain. Soon, his whole body was lain on side on the ground, becoming more and more numb and his breathing became heavier and heavier. "Nine millimeter," he said under his breath. He didn't try to scream for help, he knew it was useless. He reached in his pocket for his cell phone to call someone. He tried to dial slowly to conserve his energy as best he could.
    "Hello?" an elderly woman's voice asked. The boy said, "Can I please speak to Jen? I really need to talk to her right now." "She's busy right now, would you like me to tell her you called?" the elder said. The boy was trying greatly not to show any impatience but insisted, "Please, I really have to talk to her now." The elder replied, "Okay then, here she is..." There was a murmur coming from the other side of the line then a voice familiar to the boy came to the phone. "You better have a good explanation for why you had to call me while I'm at work teaching how to swim, Roy," the girl named Jen said. "I love you," the boy said without falter, hiding the struggle in his voice. Jen replied in a frustrated tone, "That's it? You called me in the middle of work just to tell me you love me?!" "Uh.... huh," The boy's last breathe almost finally leaving him. "Wait... Is something wrong?" The girl asked. But no answer... There was nothing left in the forest, only the bodies left standing, with their sheddings surrounding the one body fallen. It lay motionless, white and cold; its eyes were rested, yet looking to the heavens behind the veil nature had seen fit to cloak them with...

    The skies were dark, ominous and foreboding, giving hint of the perilous storm to come. Rain came down quickly as a child would play with a water faucet and thunder was heard in the distance as loud claps. Around a body, the rain would be tainted red and staining the leaves of the ground. A boy would never be found again, only a body in which remained nothing but lifeless limbs. Nothing would leave trail of anything..