• Becky woke up and changed her clothes. As soon as she put on her pants Hikaru woke up. He then asked when was breakfast while rubbing his eyes he saw her bra and fainted! She quickly put on her shirt, put him on the bed, she took a towel soaked in water, and squeezed on his face he woke up as if he was dead but came back to life! "What happened!" Hikaru yelled "Well.." Becky said wondering if she should tell..." well you just tripped on your head and fainted 10 minutes past, and I squeezed water on your face..." "Oh..." Hikaru remembered what he saw and thought it was a dream which meant he was a pervert! Hikaru blushed when looking at Becky..Becky patted his head and said,"My little man right?" "uum.. ^///^" Hikaru said. Becky made him a cheese omelet and he ate it up! "So do you have a boyfriend?" Hikaru asked out of no where. "Nope because you're my boyfriend," she said as if she was joking. Hikaru knew she was joking and blushed though.."No seriously do you?" he asked seriously. "Nope I don't have one," She said with ease. "So...anyways do you have a job?" "Yeah I do wanna come with me?" "Sure..." When they walked to the shop Becky asked Hikaru to sit in a seat. When she was done changing and wore her wig she looked like this:
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    "Hey there my little man," Becky said. Hikaru was a little mad by the fact she wore those clothes and thought that maybe a boy would hit in her.."Yeah yeah hurry up and lets get out.." "Oh come on.." she said as she petted his hair," you will always be my little man and I told the boss that a strong handsome man would help me." " Really!" Hikaru said with a smile. He thought now he could protect her from all the guys.."Come, the changing room is here" she pointed to the mens' changing room and he walked in. "Um..Thank you..." "Do you know how to wear that?" Becky asked. "Um...no I don't..." "Ok I'll help you!" Becky said "WHAT! YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!" "Well I'll be the first one to! Come on!" Becky said. She then pushed Hikaru in the restroom and made him change. A man walked by and heard," Come on change! NO! STOP TOUCHING ME THERE! "I wouldn't if you just hold still! NOT ON YOUR LIFE! WELL THEN IT'S THE END OF MY LIFE!" The man then said,"Wow...hormones these days.." When Hikaru walked out he was blushing from where she touched him..:
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    " Do I have to wear this? " "Well I think you look cute in it but, If you say so here's your old clothes," Becky replied. " I think cute?I'll wear it.. >///<"
    In his mind he said," Wow I'm cute I wish I was 6 years older! I would have kissed you!" He looked up to her and blushed..She could tell what he was thinking and oicked him up and kissed him on the forehead. 0////////0 "
    W..ww...ww...ww...hy'd you...uu...uuu... d..dd...dd...o that?" he asked stammering. "I couldn't hold back because you are so cute," she said putting him down and told him to give the orders to the table. He replied,"Um..sure..anything for you.." When she was taking orders he took the orders to the correct tables as soon as sundown hit they were done. "Woo! That was hard work right" she asked Hikaru "Yeah woo!"Then a boy walked in. Turns out it was the store manager's son.
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    "Yo Becky great job on all the stuff here.." Thanks I wouldn't have done a great job if it wasn't for Hikaru, my little man," she replied.."Ah your little man.." he said as he walked over. He was behind Becky and hugged her from behind and asked,"Am I your big man?" "Depends" she said laughing..Hikaru got mad and pulled Becky's hand and whispered,"Can we go home now?..Please" She sensed jealousy in him and hugged Joney, the son's boss, and she walked away holding Hikaru's hand...He smiled and said,"Wow pretty as ever.."

    Two days past and Hikaru didn't say anything..she knew it would take a little bit of time for him to warm up.. When they got home Hikaru took of the clothes and took a shower..She knew she shouldn't have done that..soneone knocked the door and she opened it.."Um hello?" A strange man walked up and said," Um mam..do you know a boy 5'ft tall, black hair, black eyes, has a scar on his left hand, name..: ..Hikaru Kuzumiki" She said," Maybe I do maybe I don't..why?" "Well mam this boy got lost in the woods and his family is worried...call me when you see him ok?" the man said giving her a card." Yeah I'll do so..." she closed the door and walked in the waited outside the shower when he walked out he asked,"What do you buso?" "Do you have a scar on your left hand?" she asked. "Um..yeah why?" "Is your full name..:Hikaru Kuzumiki?" He was shocked and asked,"How do you know all those stuff? " "Well a man came by and told me everything..." "So my family wants me back?" he asked with a happy voice. "Yeah..are you happy?" Becky wondered.."Yeah do you have his card?" He asked.."Yeah here you can call him tomorrow..." she said in a small voice.."WOW! I can't wait! I guess this is goodbye..." he said. She tried not to cry..he was like family..the only one she had..." Yeah you're my ..little man..and I hope we meet one day... ^ ^" she said..

    To be continued..
    Will he be gone forever? Will Joney get noticed by Becky, does Becky like Hikaru as a family member or is it deeper? The last story tell it all..Please read it..