• Sun Rise

    Have you ever see the sunrise from the top of a mountain. If you haven’t, you need to. If you have, you know what it's like to stand there seemly on top of the world as a new day starts. “
    Hi I’m Yula and I’m a vampire. Yes, a vampire! You are probable one of the people that don’t believe in us, but let me tell you we do exist. My life was not much different from yours once go to school, do or not do homework, fight with my parents, and stare at hot guys and live in my own little world. But I was violently thrown into reality on my 17th birthday. I lived in a small town of about 2000 people, and my life was fairly normal. I had a brother and one little sister. The brother died in car accident as did my dad he was three my little sister was going to start 6th grade. My friend Kristen was in the hospital with cancer. During 3rd hour, science my mother called and got me out 0f School. She was crying and I knew why; Kerstin was dying.
    When my mom and I got to the hospital, we we’re already to late she had died at 2:45 pm on May 3rd, my birthday. I couldn’t take it I ran away into the woods. That’s the last time any of my friends and family ever saw me. I fainted in the woods ready to die.
    Tormented by nightmares and pain, I awoke what I believe to be three days later. With no knowledge of where I was, I was different. I felt stronger, faster, and more alive. Then I saw him as beautiful as a god and as white as stone with features far too sharp and beautiful to be human. He was carrying a man under one arm with blood all over his face. Then completely from no where an urge of such power you can not imagine I threw myself at the blood stained man and took him from the other. I fell on him with so much hunger that I didn’t hesitate. I ripped his throat open and drank tell there was nothing left. When I was finish I was… scared. I didn’t know who or what I was. Then the god like one talked to me, explaining that he had found me dieing a few miles out of town. He said that he couldn’t let my beauty die. Just like that he had decided that he would save me. He bit me but did not kill me. At first I didn’t believe anything he said. But I couldn’t deny that I was dieing before, and I had killed that man for his blood. I was lost in my own mind, completely lost.
    That was in 1919. It’s now 2007. I still wonder still looking for a place I can live with no risk from my kind. The one who saved me never gave me his name, and I never asked. I hated him for forcing me into this world of war and blood.
    He died not long after he turned me. Another of my kind came and killed him for the land he had claimed. I barely got away. That’s what this world is, constant killing and fighting over populated land. (A war of blood over blood.) Super speed, strength and reflexes make the war bloody and brutal but that’s not all. Most of us have abilities far beyond anything else. I, for one, can read the minds of people (and vampires) close to me, but only what they are thinking at the time.
    I’m no longer alone. Now I have a few of my kind with me. Zoey, only 13, when she was turned, is the fastest among us with and has uncanny ability of making people like her. She was turned in 1946. Zack, 16 when he was turned in 1932, is the smartest of us I have one idea how he can hack those computers. Tom, 19 when he was turned in 1971, is our newest member and hasn’t found his ability yet. Heather, 17 when she was turned in 1949, is the most caring, always worried, and almost never calm. She has the most unusually ability; she can heal us with a touch. Now don’t get me wrong, we heal, and we heal fast. I was once stabbed through the gut, and I was fine five hours later. However if Heather would have been there I would have been fine as soon as she touched me. There is only one down side to if the energy it would have taken other wish to heal is taken out of her mental energy and she can get very nasty but that almost never happens. We had one other member; Zailens, he was 18 and turned in 1903 and the strongest of us all in brains brawn and everything else with the ability to copy the ability of others he touches. He left us, left me without a word and we haven’t seen or heard from him in 20 years.
    Our kind comes together for only a few reason and usually in pairs that why to find a group our size is almost unheard of we banned together not for land or power but protection. We have made our lives different hunting animals instead of humans, hoping that the other of our kind would not harm us if we did. But they still attack us, not believing us when we tell them we only feed on animals. Sometimes our kind comes together in pairs for love. A wish to protect the each other and I believed that to be the reason that Zailens and I came together but I was wrong he left me and never came back.