• A light shines through the tiny crack in the door. I step forward to see you again. I can’t believe we’ll be together this time. It’s been so long, I’ve missed you for all the days you’ve been gone. The door knob is too high. I’m too small.
    There you are. Sitting upon your bed.
    Except you aren’t there.
    It’s not you anymore.
    Your eyes are hollow. Mommy you don’t look so well anymore. Where did your beauty go?
    And then I notice what’s happening. You have a knife in your hand. The blood flows from your arms. With each drop of blood you fade even more.
    I try to save you, but I can’t get through the door.
    “Mommy! Mommy! Please don’t!”
    “Don’t leave me! I need you!”
    Did you ever think about the life you were leaving behind? How about the damage you caused?
    “Mommy stop!”
    “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
    “I love you…”
    “Mommy, please look at me. Don’t you care for me?”
    My tiny voice cries as tears spill from my eyes. You won’t stop. You won’t look. You must have known I was there.
    You must have heard me beg you not to take your life.
    Obviously I wasn’t enough to make you stay. I’ll never be enough.
    I’ve watched you fade so many nights. I’m not good enough to save you. Not enough to make you want to live.
    As you collapse on your bed, the last bit of life leaves you. Your eyes meet mine, but you aren’t there. You're gone. I fall to the floor. A small child who isn’t enough to save someone like you.
    Its another night. Its time to watch you die again. To watch but not be able to stop you because you won’t even notice your own child.
    I’m not your child anymore. You were my mother but never my mommy. You never did take the time to care for me.