• Chapter 1

    “Yula are you alright? You seem worried.” Heather asked. With her little smile that was always working with her green eyes and black hair cut short that framed her face.
    “I’m fine, Heather. It’s just Zack, Zoey and Tom should be back by now they’re not usually gone this long when they are just hunting on the mountain.”
    “You’re right. They have been gone for a long time. Do you think we should go find them?”
    “No, we said we would stay here. They can handle themselves, and it’s only been three hours. They could be coming back right now, I just don’t feel like we should be here much longer and I wish they would hurry back.” Yula answered. Being the leader means seeming confident in you group members no matter what. But she was still worried they shouldn’t be gone this long.
    “Are you still thinking about him,” asked Heather, “about Zailens?”
    “No,” she lied; In fact she had been thinking about him: his black spiky hair, his perfectly carved face, blood red eyes and his calm collective personality. She had l0ved them all but now she just suffered every time she thought about him. Why did he leave me? Why leave without a word to the one he said he loved every day? Of course, he could have lied, could have said all that just to have someone he could use as protection.
    “Yula they’re back,” Heather said “O my god what happen to you?” Zoey, Tom, Zack were a mess and Tom had a huge gash across his chest both Zoey and Zack are supporting him. Heather hurried up and placed her hand on Tom’s chest. How nice her ability can be. Of course he was healed at once. Though she did look a little bit grumpy were she didn’t before.
    “It’s Jason pack.” Zoey said “they’ve found us again”
    “God just when I thought we had found some place safe!” I thought angrily. Jason is the leader of Zoey’s old pack they believe that we brain washed her into joining us and will do anything to get her back. We’ve been running from them because Zoey didn’t wish to fight with her old friends. The rest of us are more then willing to fight there is seven in their pack and it would be a difficult fight but we didn’t care.
    “Flight or fight Zoey” I asked.
    “I don’t know Yula they were my friends but they need to stop attacking us Tom was hurt this time I can’t let this keep happening.”
    “We don’t have much time they will be here any minute.” Zack yelled. I look around to see him standing at the edge of the woods.
    “Ok guys flight then they out number us anyway. Let’s get going now!” I shouted. They all just nodded and fled down the mountain at a speed that of witch humans would only see a blur.

    I must be dreaming I have to be dreaming. There’s no other way the explain it. He’s standing there right in front of me just centimeters away right there stroking my hair like he always used to. It always made me feel loved feel beautiful. My body from my black hair cut to chin length, my violet eyes, and my sharp mouth to my muscles toned to perfection. Everything felt alive aware of him and everything he did. But it didn’t last for more then a second. Then he just turned and walked away. Just like that but just before he was to far away from me to hear he turned his head.
    “Please find me Yula.” That’s all he said as he continued walking away I couldn’t take it I wanted to run after him so much to hold on to him and never let go. But I couldn’t I couldn’t move a muscle and Zailens just walked away.

    I had the same dream for it was who had made her dream it. I had done something stupid I had let my guard down and I was paying for it. Vampires are not the only ones in the war but by the time they figure out that the humans are in on its too late and they’re dead or captured. Only a few still living know the humans even know that the war is happening all around them.
    “Zailens what did you make her dream this time?” asked Erin. He is the one that Zailens borrowed the gift of dreams from.
    “Same old same old.” I lied. Erin didn’t need to know anything. Sometimes the vampires in here tell the humans things in hope that they will let them go. The group of humans or the paladins as they call themselves have been around as long as our kind can remember. Always hunting us but only recently have they been successful. I believe that the only reason that they are catching us now is because of a traitor. Someone must be passing information on us to them.
    Enough information to for them to understand our weakness and exploit them like our hate diamonds the reflect so much like we can’t stop focusing on it and its one of the few things that no matter how long it’s been since we had blood last it could pierce our skin. The longer without blood the harder our skin and the stronger we get but we start to lose all sense of reason we lose our minds becoming like animals as we go many fear the wildness so much the feed obsessively. And with their feeding comes blood running through their veins and soft skin. Sometimes I wonder why we like that form better is it just chance or is there a reason.

    Why keep me alive can’t they just kill me? They aren’t doing anything just through me in a cell and left me there. I haven’t satisfied my thirst in 20 years I’m almost insane with hunger. I only know my self because I can’t forget her I can’t forget Yula.

    I woke up crying like I always do when I dream of him which is more often the anything else. We don’t need sleep but is a habit most of us enjoy. And it gives us more energy then without it. At least I was the first one up so I could cry in peace. I looked around there was Zoey and Zack sleeping together again. They looked so peaceful together and even in their sleep you could tell they were happy to be together. Zoey was in our little group first besides me and Zailens and I had sometimes worried that she was too young when she was turned. But five years after she joined Zack came along and you hardly see them apart now. I looked away fresh tears in my eyes. Zailens and I were like that, sharing everything together every moment every night. I turned away but it didn’t help I just saw Heather and Tom together much the same.
    “Why am I the only one alone?” I whispered. “Why did you leave me?” I couldn’t take it, it was too much. I decided to get up and go hunting it would be better then just sitting around and crying.
    I was lucky there was a bear around and he was quite fun to play with.

    By the time I got back the others were up and ready to go. Or almost all heather apparently went out hunting too. Me and her were the only ones the didn’t hunt yesterday we don’t need to hunt often but if we are going to go near people it helps to be strong so we can resist. Though we do attempt to
    Stay away from humans because were there are humans there are vampires who will attack us. But every now and again like when we are being chased we pass through towns in hope that they will get distracted and go hunt letting us escape. Like we plan to do now we are just a one hour walk away from a big city. That’s about one minute running for us.

    By the time we got to the city (which didn’t take long believe me) I had a very good idea of what my friends were feeling. Tom was worried beyond believe about Heather, worried that she might get hurt. Heather was worried about everyone and Zoey and Zack were having heart attacks over each other even though all of our hearts stopped beating a long time ago. And I was to busy thinking of how to help all of them to worry about any of us. We have been in fights before but never against seven. I wouldn’t even consider fight them maybe if Zailens was still here. Stop thinking about him Yula, are you going to keep hurting your self he’s never coming back.

    It was a small city with a cluster of house to the west. We were coming in from the south. To the north were three or so warehouses. In this small town I doubt there were any others of our kind.

    We never seemed to fit into cities we just didn’t look right. With pale skin, and perfect features, we didn’t exactly fit in. we knew that as long as we were in a city they wouldn’t attack us until dark. We wanted to find a place to sleep until dark. Mainly because we found we were stronger if we slept. Around mid day we found a suitable place an abandon warehouse. As we clamed spots to sleep, Zack and Zoey took this balcony hanging over the main space of the warehouse. Tom and heather took a small room to the north of the building, and I took a small over hang on the roof with a small over hang of its own for shade. We slept vary lightly partly because it was in the middle of the day, and partly because we were all tense with the fear of Jason’s pack. So we all twisted and turned as we slowly slipped into restless sleep.