• Chapter 2

    The bright light of the helicopter came closer and closer to the couple. Faye just lay there on top of Elden’s still chest. She held onto his coat as hard as she could, hoping that he would come back. Hoping that his chest would move again. Faye wished that they never boarded the train, wished that he never saved her, so that they could both die… Together. She wanted to die with him, but it seemed that some supreme being would not allow it. She wished that she could do something. She started to pound her hands against his chest hoping to wake him up. Tears dripped down her mud-covered face again.
    Elden just laid there. His eyes half open, observing the helicopter coming down. He was alive, but barely. He looked at Faye, sobbing on his still chest. He wasn’t breathing, but not enough to make his chest move. He felt nothing. Neither the pain nor the ground. Not even Faye’s gentiles embrace.
    She looked so sad, with tears rolling down her cheeks. It broke his heart to see her cry. He wanted to comfort her, but he was too weak. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her it was all right, that he was fine, but he couldn’t, and for two reasons. One he was in a lot of pain and two, he couldn’t compromise his identity. Felling hopeless, Elden looked toward the sky.
    The helicopter was now hovering right above them. Men inside were getting ready to through down a ladder to retrieve them. Four people came down from the helicopter to take them away. One tapped Faye shoulder. She stared into his eyes. They were sky blue. The man said something, but neither she nor Elden heard it. They were both captivated by his eyes. Those eyes led them deep into his soul. But, Faye averted her gaze from the man’s eyes to Elden’s limp body. She laid her head back down on his chest and started to cry.
    Just then the man wrapped one arm around her waist and proceeded to pull her away from Elden’s body. She stood and started to fight back, but her leg gave way and she then collapsed onto the ground. She twisted in pain, arms clutching her stomach and leg. Her bright eyes were wide open and emotion flooded into them. They were soon filled with fear, sadness, anger, pain. And Elden could do nothing to help her. He just watched her, writhe in agony and he could do nothing.
    As Elden watched her, feeling started to enter his body once again. The pain flooded his chest and head. He let out a scream. Everything that was trapped inside him was free. His eyes were wide open and blood dripped from his nose. He started to lean forward, forcing the rest of the agony out of him. Faye looked at him screaming on the ground, in disbelief, happiness, rejoice, sorrow, and amazement. The other two men lifted the screaming man onto a bright orange gurney. Elden continue to scream as he was pulled up to the helicopter hovering above them.
    She just looked at the gurney being lifted into the air. For a moment, she forgot her pain and listened to his screams become fainter and fainter as he was lifted into the helicopter. Taking the chance the blue-eyed man helped the others strap her into a gurney. She was silent for a moment, taking in all the tension and the feinted. The two of them were safely secured in the helicopter just as more rescue crews came to clean up the damage that was left behind.
    Elden stared at Faye’s still body being lifted into the helicopter. Tears welled in his eyes as she slept. Even in that silent slumber that had over taken his charge, he could still sense her mind. Her thoughts her dreams, her pain. He just stared at her in sorrow as she did to him. He could still sense the Shroud’s presence hovering over her. He looked away. Tears filled his eyes; for once again, he failed. He looked at the top of the helicopter. “I failed.” he whispered and then he shut his eyes.