• Chapter 1:
    There it sat just up that hill around 900 years old but it looked untouched by time. It would've tooken forever to climb by foot. Annie sat sketching in her notebook. what's it like inside, are all the items covered with dust, is there really vampires up there? Those were the thoughts draging on in her mind. Well, she knew the answer to one of the questions, there was most definatly NOT any vampire up in that castle.
    " 'ello, love, what're you doing?" a familiar voice whispered in her ear. Annie nearly jumped out of her seat from startlement.
    " ' my god Bennet. Don't do that it freaks me out." annie got out of her chair.
    "Awwwwwwww you're so cute when you're angry." Bennet said and opened his arms out for a hug.
    "Bennet... No, Bennet no no, oh, no no no no no, don't even think it." Annie backed away.
    "Too late, my love." he grinned goofely.
    " We're NOT a couple so stop calling me love." Annie said louder than she intended.
    "You're still cute." Bennet took a step forward. Annie grabbed her sketchbook and bag and ran for it.
    One bad thing about small villages not enough people to lose others in croweds." I'm gonna get you. You can't outrun me." Bennet called
    Why did it have to be him on the trip, why couldn't it have been someone else.

    About an hour later, after running through the bakery, hurdeling fences, and finealy running into the girls bathroom, Annie lost Bennet.
    Outside in the misty air, it was almost sunset. She took out the sketchbook and started to finish the earlier sketch.
    "What're you doing" said a voice behinde her. Annie turned her head and saw a twelve year old boy with shagy brown hair and crystal blue eyes.
    "It's rude to go up to someone you don't know and ask them questions like that you know." Annie said.
    "I know enough" the boy shruged.
    "uh-huh, and what do you know about me?" annie asked.
    "I know you want to get into the castle and none of the vilagers will be you're escort up there." Annie simply nodded. She didn't denie it, it was the truth. " I also know you're here with a boy and staying in the green bell. You're names annie and want to be an achetect. Correct?" he looked up at her.
    Annie was freaked out " how do you know all this stuff?" she squeaked out.
    "mothers and sisters gossip to much." he said looking at the castle. "want me to go with you to the castle?"
    "okay. First I don't even know you're name."
    " Seconed, aren't you affraid of the vampires up there?"
    " I don't believe that stuff, I am not scared." he declared
    " Third, is this okay with your mom and dad."
    "They really wont care as long as I come home for dinner."
    "Okay then, you're hired."

    The walk to his house and the hotel was long and silent. Annie realized that Demetre might know a thing or two about the castle.
    " So what do you know about the castle?"
    " They say that a vampire built the place and established the village here. His children live there now. " he looked at her."so they say. Anyway there used to be a tour guid system up there. But the vampires scared them away. And then the military moved up there only expected visitors with a villager can enter. It's a place with many military advantages,with the hill and all." he checked to make sure she followed. " The vampires will scare them away eventually."
    "for someone who doesn't beleive in the stories you seem pretty into it."
    His face turned red and he stammered"I-i-it fasinates me."
    They reached his house "alright we go up tommorow, meet at the gate?"
    "Sure" and he went inside.
    Annie rushed to the hotel she couldn't wait until tommorow. She went strait to bed but she was too excited to sleep. Fineally dreams of what lay inside the castle sent her to sleep.