• 10:00 AM MONDAY

    Finally reaching the hospital, I told the nurse at the main desk what happened- excluding that I was hiding from an insane group I did not know and that I recently slept in an alley- and she made me fill out some forms.
    I had completely forgotten about the paper work I had stashed in my duffle-bag, and so I skimmed through until I found what I was looking for. Here were the names and birthdates, and even social security numbers, to the patients I had worked on in the lab. I couldn't take any chances using my real name.

    I quickly scrawled on a name of the first patient I found. Her name was Sarah Watson, and she was the last person I operated on while working for LOSI.
    Clever, I hope this works.

    Returning the forms to the nurse, she told me to take a seat and wait until the doctor was ready to see me. I settled for a tattered copy of a "Times" magazine while I waited.

    "Sarah, the doctor will see you now."