• Chapter Eleven: Secret Power
    “You have to remember!” Bloodfang was trying to get Lola to remember what happened during her confrontation with Nosaka. “Its very important now tell me, what happened?”
    “I don’t remember okay! I’m trying but I can’t!” Lola was sitting on a large rock looking at bloodfang, trying to fathom the importance of this. Kino was standing next to her, glaring at Bloddfang. He shot Kino a stare for a second and then went right back to talking to Lola.
    “It’s okay if you can’t remember everything, just please tell me something!”
    “Well isn’t there some way that you can help me remember? I mean come on there has got to be some kind of hypnotism or something.”
    “Well there is one thing that I know of. But there’s nothing I can do but help you dig into your own mind by helping you focus. It has proven to be very affective though. Would you like to try?” Bloodfang being slightly hesitant, he obviously did not want to try this.
    “I’ll try anything; I just really want to figure this out. I can’t shake the feeling that… that something really important is missing. Like I found out something that could change my life, but I just can’t remember. Its eating me from the inside out.” Lola began looking towards the ground. Kino stood even closer to her, resting his arm around her shoulders. She looked up briefly, and then looked back down as she began to talk. “I just really want to know, please… can we just try?”
    “Okay, but you have to tell me hen it gets too hard for you, or if it starts to hurt.”
    “I promise. So what is it?”
    “Hold on one minute now, don’t you think we should wait until she’s under less stress? I think this might be a little dangerous.” Kino was looking Lola in the eyes. Clearly showing to be concerned for her, only to be responded with a shrug of her shoulders and a meek reply.
    “I’ll be fine, it can’t be that hard. Besides, I’m not a child anymore.”
    “Well I know that but…”
    “No. I can do this. Kino, I’ll be fine.” Lola held Kino’s face in her hands, “Everything is going to be fine, okay?”
    “Okay. Go ahead Bloodfang.” Kino gave up and sat on the ground, next to Lola of course. Bloodfang stood in front of Lola and placed his right palm on her forehead. He closed his eyes and suddenly began to mumble under his breath, something that Lola clearly understood because she began to close her eyes, slowly though; as if she was falling asleep against her will. Soon she began to mumble the words with Bloodfang, and he stopped after a minute of joint speaking.
    “Okay Lola. I want you to remember what happened the day that Shadowpaw got hurt. What were you doing to get to the waterfall?” Lola hesitated. “What were you doing, Lola?”
    “We, me and Shadowpaw, were following a doe, along a path...”
    “Wait, you were on a path?” Bloodfang was suddenly pushing to get the answers out, startled from this new piece of information.
    “Yes, we were on a pall, I remember feeling a little odd. Because I didn’t remember there being a path there, but I didn’t think much of it because Shadowpaw didn’t seem to notice it.”
    “Okay so you were on a path, heading towards the waterfall right?” Kino decided to start asking questions, obviously wanting to get off of the path for the moment, knowing that it even startled him of this knowledge of a new path in the forest.
    “Yes, Shadowpaw went ahead of me. She thought that it would be better if she checked it out and I stay behind, just incase the doe didn’t go under the waterfall. She went, and she was gone for a minute or so. And then…” Lola trailed off, her face stiffened. Her hair began to float, and the tips became embers that sprouted from her head. A red diamond appeared in the center of her forehead, and strips of red appeared on her face. She began to bit her lip as the strips found their way to the rest of her body, flames began to lick at her skin, her fingers digging into her knees.
    “Lola! Lola, what is it?”
    “R… red eyes. Those red eyes, staring… at me.” A low growl began to make its way up Lola’s throat, the flames began to get bigger. On her shoulders a pair of red wings began to form, outlined by black strips. They began to move her skin, as if something where under them, the suddenly two shadows began to form behind Lola.
    “Lola, Lola can you hear me? Its okay, I’m here. She can’t hurt you.” Kino tried to wrap his arms around Lola, but she began to thrash about as if fighting off an unseen presence. She opened her eyes, now flaming, and fell to the ground muttering something under her breath. The flames reseeded, the shadows disappeared. The strips of red reseeded to her face alone, and the wings on her shoulders remained still. “Lola! Lola are you okay?”
    “The… the…”
    “The what!?!?” Kino had her in his arms, holding her head up so he could see every movement her lips made. She opened her eyes and gazed at his face.
    “The water.” Her eyes closed and her body went limp. Kino stood up, Lola in his arms, distraught over her expression.
    “You,” Kino stared angrily at Bloodfang. “You caused this, what was that all about? And what just happened, why did she feint? Answer me!”
    “Kino! You have to get her to Shadowpaw and Emily immediately, I will explain later.” Bloodfang put his hands on Kino’s shoulders, reaching over Lola, lying in his arms. “It’s better for her than to stand here and explain everything. Now go!”
    “Fine, but only for her safety.” Kino was reluctant to take an order at this point. He began to run as fast as he could, of course without disturbing Lola in the slightest way. His pace only quickened when he was recalling her words, the red eyes, and the water. The eyes he understood, they were that of Sanoka’s, her so hated twin sister. But the water had troubled him; he had no idea what it had meant. Racking his brain for the answer he nearly ran himself into a tree.