• I ran like the whispering wind through the dark, gruesome forest. My feet pounded the forest floor like a drummer would pound his drum. The trees around me were a blur. A large dark shadow appeared to my right. That only encouraged me to run faster. It disappeared as quickly as it had come. I didn't slow.
    I kept running with my coat's tail flapping violently behind me. The shadow appeared again to my left. I tightly gripped the gun in my right hand. The shadow seemed to get closer and closer. When it seemed to almost be able to touch my hand, I shot around my shoulder and pulled the trigger. The silver bullet whistled through the cool night air.
    It thudded into the shoulder of the large werewolf that had been tailing me. It howled in pain and fell behind me as I picked up my pace. I had finally broken through the forest into a clearing that lead to Thursday's house. I raced along the gravel road and didn't stop until I was standing on her front door step. I huffed and was panting when she opened the black door slowly.
    "Werewolves troubling you again tonight Shadow?" She playfully teased.
    "Well you know how tough those rouges can be. You take down one and they all have to....Well attack." I sighed knowing that they would be back again tomorrow night.
    "Well come in then." Thursday walked away in strides as I walked through the front doorway closing the door behind me.
    The living room was large with the walls painted black and many bookshelves covering them. It never looked exactly the same because Thursday loved to re-a-range things according to her mood. She lived with two others, but they appeared to be out at the time.
    "So how'd it go?" She seemed to have a playful look in her eyes.
    "Why do you ask? You've never seemed interested in what I do." Something was suspicious.
    "Well..... Tomorrow is your birthday. You're turning 20 right?" That seemed to give it all away. I slowly disassembled my gun and took off my black gloves. I stared at her with my red eyes.
    "What's with the look." She didn't seem to change her expression of amusement.
    "You know what happened last year." I stated.
    "Oh right, well that was Jacob's fault for it you know. He was stupid enough to forget not to scare you like that." She sighed.
    "I wasn't...." I started to protest then gave up. Thursday was a very difficult vampire to argue with. What Jacob had done was "invite" a few rouge vampires to my surprise party.
    I walked in thinking they were evil and shot one in the shoulder. Or I would have if Jacob hadn't of caught it in time. What else was I supposed to do when I come home to see rouge vampires? I was lucky Seth wasn't there or else it would've been ten times worse than it had been.
    "Don't worry. I'll make sure Jacob doesn't invite strangers again." Her violet eyes rolled and I could see that It wasn't a fun surprise for her either.
    "Well I'm going to sleep. Night." I waved to her as I walked up the spiral staircase.
    My room was large with two enormous bookcases filled with all sorts of books. My be was propped up in a corner and my wardrobe was in another. I removed my coat and threw it on a chair that was next to a desk. took off my black boots and socks then placed them next to my door. I walked over to my bed, threw back the covers, and lied down.
    "What a crazy night." I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.