• Kain walked the streets of Paradise Falls. His hands sliding over the different metal textures of the make shift walls his finger almost running over barbed wire on occasion. Around him men armed to the teeth conducted their buisness none daring to take s**t from anybody. Afraid of looking down the barrel of a .40 Magnum.

    He lingered around the pens watching the people in the pins act in their own ways. Their minds focusing on self preservation more than what a morally proper citizen would. The slaves parted into several groupings each appering to be painfully segregated and very tribe minded. Each clan daring another to walk into their area.

    The two children from the town Kain beleived was called Little Lamplight stood alone by the barbed window plotting thier escape. The others in the left cage were two 'mungos' one a settler and the other looking like she was just plucked out of a settlement. But not from somewhere as...advanced let's say, as Rivet City, she was more plain. In the right two men, one old the other in his early adult years, they looked like they were going to s**t themselves any minute, the elder having fresh wounds on his shoulders that have started clotting.

    As Kain looks the people in the cages over then looked to their keepers he can't help but feel a pang of guilt. He can't help but see the face of little Alice...smiling in that little s**t hole home she calls Andale. Rea-Rea who refers to Kain not by his name but Angel.

    She holds him so highly. He feels so sick he could puke. Without thinking he channled his disgust and anger into his trigger finger and shot they little shits from Little Lamplight. The stuck up snots fell one by one, everyone physically tensed and cralwed away to the furthest reaches of the cages. Somebody yelled "They're only children!" He decided to let that go.

    Besides the fear of being killed no one even felt disgusted with the sight, two young heads blew open, they were used to the blood, the gore, the pain, the stench, the hate. They and himself are used to everything he supposivly isn't. Kain quickly placed his gun in the holister masking his emotions.

    This little b***h Alice was getting to be to much of a distraction. It was time to do something drastic. Something to prove to that stubborn little girl he was no Angel. If only you could see me now Alice.