• ---Guys P.O.V.---

    As I held Ami in my arms, I couldn't help but smile. I don't know but there's something that pulls me to her.

    She's truly gone through things she shouldn't have and that makes me sad. But I'm going to try to make her life better.

    I reached my apartment and carried her upstairs. I laid her down on my bed and went downstairs. I returned with a glass of water and her painkillers for when she awakens. I stood back and just watched her sleep for a few minutes.

    'She must tase delicious.' my mind thought. I shook my head trying to get the thought out. 'Stop thinking that Kazu.' I told myself.

    'Hmm well she is going to be staying here so why not bring her stuff.' I left the apartment to go get her stuff.

    ---Ami's P.O.V.---

    I awoke to the pain but i still kept my eyes closed. God it hurt so bad.

    I opened my eyes. The boy was standing by the bed i was in, handing me some water and painkillers.

    "Thanks uhhh... What;s your name?" I asked him.
    "Im Kazu."
    "Thanks Kazu."
    "No problem."

    I took the painkillers and looked around the room.

    The walls were a dark blue and the carpet was black.The drapes over the windows were a checkered pattern of black and blue. Everywhere I look there was black and blue.

    "So...uhhh. Kazu?"
    "Yes Ami."
    "How do you know me? Why did you save me and why am I in this room.?"
    "Well uh... I guess you can say I was stalking you. And no one should have to go through what your father did. And your in here becuase this is going to be your home for the rest of your life. Also becuase I haven't been able to clean the guest room."

    'What should I do? Im in someone else's house and room and i barely know them.' I panicked. Kazu only laughed.
    "What you laughing at?" I asked. He quickly shutted up. I looked at him suspiciously.

    "Well you're probly hungry, considering how skinny you are."
    "HEY! Your skinny too!" I yelled back.
    "Yes but I wasn't abused by my parent."
    "it's not my fault I was. And why are you skinny?"
    "I....uhh." He just walked out of the room. There was something about him that's not right, but I can't put my finger on it.

    He returned with frenchtoast and some orange juice. I just stared at the plate.I haven't eaten anything like this in ages espesiouly not in bed.

    "Hey, foods meant to be eaten not stared at."

    So I ate it and after I was done he put the plate and cup in the sink and returned. With the strenghth I had I got up and gave him a hug."Thank you Kazu."

    He stiffened when my arms were around his neck, but I just ignored that. And god he's cold. Did I mention I seen fangs when he laughed? I wonder why.....