• She ran through the trees, tears streaming down her face. She did not remember what happened, except that she had escaped the scene relatively fast. She paused for breath. She had been running, not jogging, for an excruciatingly long 5 minutes, away from something she did not remember. People were staring at her. This was embarrassing. She turned her face away and continued running.

    After a few minutes, she noticed the scene she was in. It was a peaceful park, its name unknown to her memory. She sat down, on the crisp leaves of the season of Autumn. The fiery colour she liked, what was its name? Oh yes, orange. Orange leaves were scattered around her. She smiled, in spite of her situation. It was a bitter sweet moment. Here she was, surrounded by pretty orange leaves, and yet she could not remember what she was crying about, what she had ran away from.

    She got up again, and kept on running. She did not see it coming, but there was a man on a bike. He bumped into her. All was dark.

    "Mum! Mum! Mum could not hear me! Mum! Slam!! What was this?! Mum! There is red stuff pouring down from Mum's forehead. What is the red stuff? I have it all over me too! Oww, my body hurts. Better wake Mum up. Mum! Mum, wake up! They pull me away, out of the car. The car is upside-down. What happened? Your Mum is dead, they say. No, no that can't be possible. No! Mum! No! They will not let me go. I bump my head on the car. I can't remember anything now. All I remember is the men in the blue suits are trying to take me away from my mother. I run, away from Mum. I do not know what has happened to her, but I have to get help and fast. I keep running... I keep running..."

    She remembered. She remembered what happened to Mum. Mum needed help. She wept. People stared at her.They did not know how she felt. She felt alone. She wept. Mum could not be helped. She wept.