• January 19th, 2007
    Reports of a woman found dead in her drive-way. The only thing the police found was a wound on the side of her neck, two small holes to be exact. Forensic scientists are saying that the blood was drained from her body, and there is no other evidence at the scene of the crime.
    Police will be searching for the culprit, and they hope to come to some conclusion for this bizarre death.

    “Reports of what!?” I nearly fell off the couch laughing when a friend of mine, Danny, explained his take on the head-lines.
    “You have got to be kidding me, Vampires!?” I kept laughing, but he seemed to take it quite seriously. “I am sorry; you just can’t expect me to believe that this attack was a ‘Vampire’.”
    “Come on, think about it, Yuiko!” Danny slumped onto the couch, glaring at me all the while. “A woman found dead in her drive-way, all blood drained and two wounds on her neck! That sounds to me like a Vampire’s doing!” I considered this, but only for a moment before rendering it completely absurd.
    “Shut up, don’t be stupid, Danny.” I shook my head and picked the paper up off my coffee table, reading the same head-lines over once more. “Tch, vampires…”
    Danny stood from the couch, shrugging his shoulders once before pulling the paper from my hands.
    “I don’t know about you, but I know for a fact that a vampire did this.” He shook his head, stumbling for the door. “Don’t be so naïve.” He wagged his index finger at me before walking out.
    “Me? Naïve?” I pursed my lips, sliding down in my chair before sliding the remote off the coffee table in front of me. I pressed the button to turn my TV on, and there was the same story about another woman who was found dead with all of her blood drained. “How stupid.” I shook my head, flipping through the news channels. It seemed they were all playing the same stupid story over and over again.
    “Ugh…” I placed the remote back down on the table, standing from where I was sitting and shuffling on the spot where I now stood.
    “A suspicious amount of women have been disappearing, most of them found at later dates than the times they were killed. Each women is found with two bite marks in her neck, all dead due to blood-loss an—“ The TV was cut off when I slammed my finger down upon the off button on the TV’s remote.
    “RIDICULOUS!” I nearly screamed my head off; I am not going to believe that some mythical creature suddenly exists. But if they really do exist, where are they coming from?