• Inveha, the Wind
    By: Brittany Cisneros

    “Yana, Yana!! Please tell us the story of the wind!”
    The children all gathered around Yana, who was warming up by the fire in the center of their small village.
    Though it was a rather warm night, Yana was old. She was the village’s Lorekeeper, and it was her duty to pass down the tales of the Gods so the Gods may never be forgotten. Each village had their own Lorekeeper, but having the title was a great gift, as well as a great responsibility.
    She had told thousands of tales in her lifetime, and the story of the wind was a favorite amongst the children; she told it every week.
    Yana had gone blind in her old age, but still moved her head as though she could take in the sites. She turned towards the children and smiled.
    “Ahh, the story of Inveha. A wonderful choice.” Her voice shook as she slowly formed her words. “It seems Inveha has come to hear her story as well.” Yana tilted her head towards the direction of the oncoming breeze, smiling.
    This excited the children, and they all started chanting “Inveha! Inveha!” The children ran around the fire with their arms spread wide, trying to catch the wind. But as soon as they heard Yana speak they stopped in their tracks and sat down on the ground where they stood, as if hypnotized by her voice.
    “The story of the wind, such a great tale of love, dedication, and commitment. I hope you all heed my words and learn from Inveha. My tale begins when the world was just a babe…
    “Long before you or I were ever born, the Creator made the elements, Earth, Fire, and Water. The Earth was created so we may have solid ground so stand on, and fertile soil so our bellies may stay full; The Water to keep us clean and pure, and to wash away any mistakes we might make; And the Fire, so we may keep warm, and never underestimate the wrath of the Gods. The Creator gifted 3 of his 4 children with these elements, so that they may keep watch over the Earth. Aeoth with the Ground, Haezo with the Water, and Clathysh with the Fire. His fourth child, Inveha, was not gifted with anything, for her only talent was speed and the Creator could not think of anything she would be good for.
    Poor Inveha would plead with the Creator ‘Please Father, I want an element too’ but the Creator just shook his head and walked away.
    As the months passed, Inveha started to sneak away from the God’s Mountain to watch her brother’s and sister, and awe at their beauty and technique. Jealousy would rage throughout her body, but her love for her family kept it quiet. As much as she wanted an element of her own, she was glad that her brothers and sister were so happy, and decided one day she would devote herself to helping them in any way she could.
    It was a hot, humid day the first time she approached Clathysh.
    ‘Brother, can I help you with anything?’ Inveha eagerly asked.
    ‘Little sister, I’m sorry… but its taking me all my strength just to keep the Fire quiet. On hot days like this, it likes to be out and play, but without control Fire is very destructive. Please little sister, leave me be so I may concentrate.’ Clathysh said, breathing heavily in between each word.
    Disappointed, Inveha started to slowly walk away… dragging her feet with each step. Oh how sad she was that she couldn’t help, but maybe Aeoth needed help! With new hope, and great speed Inveha raced towards where Aeoth was tending the forest.
    ‘Aeoth! My brother!’ Inveha shouted out to him. ‘I’ve come to help you, please tell me where I can be of assistance.’ Inveha’s eye’s lit up and hope spread over her face.
    ‘Ah, hello there little sister, and how good to see you! Unfortunately, I don’t have any work for you to do. Without rain my trees cannot grow, its taking all my power to keep them alive. As much as I’d love to let you help me, there is just nothing you can do, unless by some miracle you could make it rain. Alas, you must leave me so I might concentrate, perhaps Haezo needs some help?’ Aeoth spoke quickly and softly. What a good brother he was to little Inveha, but how could there be nothing for her to do?! Inveha nodded at Aeoth, hoping that Haezo wasn’t as busy as her brother’s were.
    She swiftly set forth to find Haezo, whom she knew would be swimming in the nice cool ocean. Inveha’s hope grew as she came closer to Haezo, for she was not concentrating or even looked that busy, but laughing as she moved about in the water.
    ‘Haezo! Sister, I’ve come to help you. Please tell me what I can do to help.’ Inveha said, more hopeful then she’d been all day.
    ‘My little sister, Inveha.’ Haezo spoke her words with such happiness in her voice. She swam towards the beach to greet her sister in a full embrace.
    ‘My little Inveha, how I’ve missed you! Why don’t you come to visit me more often?’
    A frown wiped over Inveha’s face. ‘But sister, I am here all the time, hiding beyond your sights. I am ashamed to say jealousy kept me back, but I am here now. I want to help!’
    ‘Ah, but there is nothing to do! Its such a wonderfully warm day, and the waters are so cool. Have you talked to your brother’s to see if they have work for you to do? I’m sure they’d love a helping hand.’
    Although Haezo was sincere and meant well, Inveha couldn’t help but lower her head in her hands and sob. Why didn’t anyone want her help? Why did they just send her away? The sadness Inveha felt filled her heart and poured out as she cried and cried.
    ‘Why are you crying little sister? What’s wrong? Did our brother’s do something to upset you? Please tell me.’ Haezo pleaded while putting her arms around Inveha.
    ‘No one wants my help! Clathysh is so busy keeping the fire at bay, he’s afraid I’ll distract him and let the fire loose. Aeoth is concentrating on keeping the trees alive until the rains come, and doesn’t want me disturbing him. And you’re not busy at all, you have no work even for yourself. I just wanted to help, to prove that I can be useful too!’ Inveha howled.
    Haezo put her hands on Inveha’s shoulders and pushed her away, looking her in the eyes.
    ‘There is nothing I can do about my lack of work on a hot day, but perhaps we can show our brother’s that you are helpful after all. You have a talent that none of us, and that’s the gift of speed. Take my water to Clathysh and wet his ground so there will be no fear of the fire getting loose, and then take some of my water to Aeoth so his trees may grow. But you must be swift, Inveha! In this heat my water will quickly mist away. Think you can handle this?’ Haezo grinned
    for she knew this was a task that only Inveha could complete.
    Without a word, Inveha nodded at her sister and ran towards the water. When she reached the water she was heartbroken when she realized she had nothing to carry the water in. But Inveha was determined not to give up, thus she scooped up as much water as she could in her hands and raced off towards Clathysh, who was miles away.
    Swifter then the antelope that grazed over the plains, swifter then the cheetah that hunted the antelope, Inveha ran with all her might towards Clathysh, careful not to spill a single drop of water. Only a few minutes passed when Inveha reached Clathysh, pouring the water on the ground and only just in time. For the fire had come out to play at his feet, and Clathysh was screaming for it to behave and settle down. Upon feeling the cool water upon its back the fire went back into hiding. Clathysh was stunned at first, staring at the ground where the water was glistening, and where the fire had been seconds before.
    ‘Why, little sister… you scared away the fire! Oh what a gift you are for coming when you did! I was so fearful that my fire would play in Aeoth’s forest, consuming everything it touched. You saved the forest, as well as myself from a hard days work. Thank you so much Inveha, I am going to let the Creator know about this right away!’ And without waiting for a response from Inveha, Clathysh started his way towards the God’s mountain.
    Inveha’s heart was filled with hope and happiness. Without a second to spare she set off to help Aeoth, but first stopping by to collect Haezo’s water once more.
    Only mere moments went by until she was upon Haezo’s ocean, Haezo grinning at the shoreline waiting for her little sister’s return. Inveha ran up to her sister, wrapping her arms around Haezo’s waist.
    For all the running Inveha did, she never got out of breath. Happiness filled her voice as she told her sister of Clathysh’s fire and his journey back to the God’s Mountain.
    ‘That’s wonderful little sister! Now the Creator will truly see how important you can be. Quick now go to Aeoth, show him your gift!’ Haezo gently pushed Inveha away, pointing to the water.
    Inveha didn’t spare a moment, again she scooped up as much water as she could carry in her hands and sped off for the forest which was several miles away in the other direction.
    Again, Inveha ran swifter then the antelope that grazed over the plains, swifter then the cheetah that hunted the antelope, never stopping to catch her breath and making sure not a single drop of water spilled.
    Within minutes she was upon Aeoth, who was carefully tending his trees so that they might not die. Quickly, she threw up the water in the air above Aeoth, and watched as the little droplets fell onto the earth, soaking into the soil, feeding the trees. Aeoth jumped up, not yet noticing Inveha behind him.
    ‘By the Gods themselves, my prayers have been answered! But what of rain with no clouds? What miracle is this?’ Aeoth spoke quietly to himself.
    ‘Hello brother.’ Inveha replied, grinning from ear to ear. ‘It is no miracle that brought you rain, but I. You’re trees can quench their thirst and grow!’
    ‘Inveha, my little sister, you have brought me the rains I so wished for. You are my miracle! You truly are a blessing, and now that my trees are wet with life, I think I shall go inform the Creator of your greatness, Inveha!’ And without waiting for a response from Inveha, Aeoth was off towards the God’s Mountain.
    Inveha was filled with purpose, and was so eager to hear what her brother’s had told the Creator. But before she could return home to the God’s Mountain, she wanted to go back to Haezo and thank her for her help.
    It wasn’t long before she again was in the arms of her older sister, Haezo.
    Inveha told Haezo of how she made it rain in the forest with no clouds, how thankful Aeoth was that she saved his forest, and that he too was on his way to the God’s Mountain to speak with Creator about her great deeds.
    ‘Lets us go together then and hear what Creator has to say, that is, if you don’t mind walking all the way there.’ Haezo grinned at Inveha, and together they made their way, walking, to the God’s Mountain.
    Later that evening, upon reaching the Mountain, Haezo and Inveha were greeted at the peak by the Creator, Aeoth, and Clathysh, all grinning at Inveha.
    ‘My child’ The Creator started, ‘How I underestimated you. I thought that there was nothing in the world that you could do with your speed, but you’ve proven me wrong. Your brother’s have spoken highly of the work you’ve done for them today, and the trouble you’ve spared them, and after much consideration, we’ve decided its time you get your own element, Inveha.’ Creator waved his hands, and magically Inveha started to change. She felt a coolness rush over her body -- confused she looked back up at the Creator.
    ‘What is this?’ Inveha asked, her skin growing cooler by the second. Her body becoming as light as a feather.
    ‘This is a special gift to you Inveha. I’m not just giving you the control of this element, you ARE the element. You are the wind, and being the wind you will be able to push the rains to the forests, cool the ground, lift the voices of the birds high into the air for all to hear, warn of oncoming danger, and fly as fast as you want throughout the sky. You are now the messenger of the Gods, Inveha the Wind!’ And Creator ended at that, only nodding his head down to Inveha in approval.
    Inveha was filled with joy, and eager to work as the wind. She blew past the Creator and her siblings and faster then ever before raced through the forests, mountains, plains, and the waters of the world. For days, Inveha blew around the world, gaining speed, howling with happiness.
    Ever since that moment Inveha has not stopped moving, but continues to do her job with the highest authority. She has saved us from fires and the heat, and from dehydration by bringing the water to us, so we may save ourselves the walk. And if you listen closely, you can hear Inveha, carrying the messages and songs of the God’s.
    And that is the story of Inveha, the Wind. Her dedication to her family and determination to succeed brought her the gift that she wanted the most, a purpose in this world.”
    Yana drew in a deep breath and started to rise from her seat. As soon as she stood up she paused, for a strong wind came in and blew threw Yana’s hair and past the children, leaving them silent.