• I stare up at the same gray sky
    It curbs a sad memory in my heart…
    It’s cold…
    Its unrelenting grip on my heat beats till the wake of dawn
    It keeps me in a constant trance…
    I am lost in the land of twilight…
    Where are you?

    She silently stood in the entrance of the chapel. Truly, she never could have imagined that she could ever see him again…
    It was 5 long years since they last met.
    Who could’ve guessed that he would come back… at the least expected time… in the least expected way.
    She rubbed her tear-strained eyes and put her trembling hands together as she leaned onto the wall.
    Memories came rushing back into her mind as she let a small prayer escape her lips… for the one and only person in her heart.

    -----------A young 11 year old girl sat on her bed, with her phone in her hands.
    She bit her lips as she typed in a message.
    ‘Are you really moving to London?’
    She sent the text message and patiently waited for a reply.
    It took a few minutes before she got a reply but she smiled when she saw the name that flashed through the screen.
    But then as she read the message, the smile fell from her face.
    ‘Hey… I’m sorry if I never got to say goodbye to you. Everything happened so suddenly. I don’t really want to leave but my parents said that we just had to. But anyway I want you to know that I really like you…I always have.’
    The girl buried her face in a pillow as let out a short cry, clutching a silver pendant in her hand.-----------------

    His last minute confession made her feel confused about her own feelings for the first time in her life.
    For weeks he was the only thing on her mind. It was only a few months later when she realized she really liked him as well…
    Too bad he was already gone by then. Gone without a trace.
    It was sad, I know. But with time people got over those things.
    She did too.
    But now, she wasn’t so sure…
    She slowly followed the group of people who gathered around his coffin to pay their last respects.
    It was tearing her up inside.
    Tears fell down everyone’s faces that day,
    especially hers.
    She sadly whispered …
    “… I’ll never see his smile anymore… I’ll never hear his voice anymore… I’ll never get the chance to tell him how I felt for him… Everything’s gone… He’s gone… forever…”

    The pain in her heart was unbearable.
    They buried him under the earth and everyone else took refuge in the chapel… but she didn’t move away from where she was.
    She silently walked to his tombstone and knelt down in front of it… slowly getting drenched under the freezing rain…
    “…I’ll miss you… so much more than you’ll ever know…”
    She clenched her hand tightly as she bowed her head and cried in front of his tomb. She sadly traced the words written on his tombstone with her freezing fingers as she laid the cold silver pendant in front of his grave.
    She painfully stood up to leave but after a few steps, she looked back at his grave…
    “…Goodbye… ”

    ‘Every time I see the gray sky a sad memory plays in my head. About what was, what could have been, but was nothing in the end.’

    ‘Saying goodbye to him was the most painful thing I had ever done in my life… It gave me an eternal scar that would never heal… Ever…’