• <3Love?<3

    "What did it tell me, mother?" She smiles, "It means your in
    in love." Love? "Love, mother? What dose love mean?" I knew what it
    meant, I just want to hear it again. "It means: that a person has deep
    feelings for someone and they are always nervious with Butterflys. And cant live
    without them"
    She played with the water in the lake. "Who knows, maybe he might love
    you back." My mother was always convident, I did have her beauitful colored
    hair. Dark-brunet with a tint of natural blond highlights. Her eyes, but not her nose, she had
    a cute little nose. I had my dads bigish nose.
    "But I dont want to love yet. I want to live my life and learn more.
    It cant be love, he barly knows me. I only know him through words."
    She smiled with a quiet laugh. "Its not a crimb to love someone, and maybe
    they dont love you back but at least you know your still a friends."
    I played with my braids. "I can believe I love him!" I fell back.
    I thought to myself, "What is she saying? I cant love him unless he knows how I fell
    and he dosnt so I dont believe he even likes me as a friend yet." I saw him, he was in a car
    with his mother. He yelled out the window, "Hey, Tisha!" I groaned. "Hi, Kyle." My mother
    giggled quietly and got up and walked on the beach. Kyle ran up to me.
    "You look down, whats up?" I sat up on my blanket we brang. "Just found out that
    I love someone. And he barly knows me." He smiled. "Who?" My eyes got wide. "How do like
    yourself?" He frowned. "I hate myself, the desions I make, the stuff I do." I sighed, "Then you
    wont care."
    He looked confused, "Why?" I didnt want to tell him I loved him. "Kyle, did you ever
    have a really deep feeling for someone and they didnt really know you?" He looked at the sky.
    "I thought I did once, aculy just a few days ago. But I highly doubt she even likes
    me." He said. He knows exactly how I feel. "I feel the same way." Out of no where, he grabed
    my hand and picked me up on my feet, he grabed my hands like we were getting married then
    he leaned closer to my face, I leaned in a little but he didnt notice. He kissed me, I wraped my
    arms around his neck, he put his hands around my waist and picked me up and we sat there in heaven.
    When we let go, he asked, "Were you talking about me?" I smiled, "Yes." He kissed me again, then he left.
    My mother came running over.
    "See. I told you he might love you back." We sat down on the beach and I flung water at her. She
    got a bucket. "No!" I ran as she got it fulled with water and tryd to pour it on me. She hit me the
    second time. "Ah. You got me." She smiled, and ran. "Get back here mama!" I ran after her. My friend
    Jack came over to the beach. "Hi, Tisha!" He ran up to me and hugged me. (He has an upsestion with hugging)
    His friend Grant was with him. "I heard you and Kyle were going out." Grant said making kissie noises. I pushed
    him into the lake. Me and Jack fell on the floor laughting. Grant looked mad. He picked me up. "No! Im a girl you
    cant do that!" He through me in the water. We all laughted. "Wow. My mom poured water on me and know this.
    Dang, weres that towel?" I grabed my moms for Grant. Kyle came walking by again. I waved and Grant sat on a rock.
    Jack ran over and grabed Kyle by the feet and ran him over here with him on Jacks sholders. I mom laughted and ran
    "Hey, Kyle." Grant said. "Why are you all wet?" He looked at me. "What I only pushed you in. Geez."
    We laughted. "And why are you wet?" He said wrapping his arms around my waist.
    "He through me in." Everyone laughted.
    "Kyle, you have a light?" Jack asked. Kyle through one to him. "Thanks."