• were we left off..

    "how could you..hiroshi.." emiko cried out as she began to sheed tears.
    hisa smiled. Hiroshi stood standing.. i-i i didnt do anything! hisa tricked me! hiroshi cried out.
    " you liar! i dont ever want to see you again! I hope i never see you again..." emiko replied." "you dont mean that.. please tell me you dont mean that.." said hiroshi. Before anything else happened hisa left without a word. Emiko turned herself away and wiped her tears. " im breaking up..i dont ever want to see you again!" said emiko. Hiroshi turn his hisself away and replieys " if thats the way you want it...then....o-k...". The next day hiroshi had an answer for his parents, about weither he wanted to stay or leave. We walked up to his parents and said " i want to leave..." his parents were stunned.. but never asked him why he wants to leave all of a studden. 3 weeks later its time for hiroshi to move. As his friend Samuru, helped hiroshi pack, hiroshi wanted to say goodbye to emiko first. He didnt get the chance to until he was in the car. 5 minutes after they were done packing, the car was started and rode off. Hiroshi went to the back seat and looked out the back window..and their he saw emiko crying and griping her heart. At that momment hiroshi started to cry..