• --------------------In the middle of the night when Mr.Rodriguez is out hunting----"Dude come on if you want help or not you better get up now." said Sarusas shaking Roman awake
    "Ugggggh." Roman groaned and rolled over
    "Come on in my room." said Sarusas dragging Roman down the hall to the right. "Ok the first task is..." he stopped how could he say it he didn't want to but he must. Argued Sarusas in his head. "Well you will be in a alternate world where everything seems as real as life but you must remember it is fake." said Sarusas now that Roman was on full attention. "You'll have to kill the fake
    Alexis." finished sarusas on his long sentence with much force on his few last words
    "What!" Roman practically yelled
    "Calm down I said FAKE not real. I think I know how you feel." said Sarusas looking down waiting for Roman to object, but when it didn't come he looked up to see Roman waiting
    "You have to find the fake Alexis thoughout a maze and in the mazes are traps set to see if you truly do love her." finished Sarusas
    "Ok that seems easy enough that second one." said Roman
    "It SEEMS but not that easy."said Roman

    "The last task is still in the Alternate world you shall have to choose. There will be a divider and you'll have to figure out which one is really the real Alexis."told Sarusas to Roman