• My two favorite things in the world to do were writing and reading so it was only fitting that on Saturday when I woke up, I, instead of rushing downstairs to watch T.V. with my brothers, would go to my desk and write a story. While writing the story I felt a gush of wind. I looked at my windows but they were closed. I wondered where the wind could be coming from. Then all of a sudden, it went black and I felt a thud.

    I opened my eyes. There in front of me was the town my story had been set in! I didn't get it. How could I possibly have been transported there? It was a fantastical town in the medievel ages I thought I had made up. Could my story have been some type of portal? Normally I didn't believe in that crap but now, well, I just couldn't think of another way to explain it. I looked around me and saw some of the characters I had written about and some that I failed to recognize.

    Suddenly I felt a tap. I whirled around and saw a short woman with brown hair, a long red dress, and pointy ears. It dawned on me that she had to be an elf because I had indeed written about them living in the town in my story.

    "Um, hi," I said.

    "You are...you must be...this can't be! Oh, it's you!"

    "Excuse me? I've never been here before. How could I possibly know you?"

    The woman smiled, "You are the one we have been waiting for. You are the one to fulfill our destiny...or our fate. That depends on you."

    I looked at her questionly. This elf seemed completely insane. This whole situation was, in fact, completely insane! I was lost, "I'm sorry," I said, "I have no clue what you're talking about. I need to go."

    "No, this was supposed to happen! It's the prophesy. It has been fulfilled. Come with me now." I followed her, I really didn't know what else to do. We walked a long way until we got to a big castle.

    "I can't come with you inside. I'm very sorry. From here you will go your own way. The queen lives here. Tell her who you are."

    Before I could ask this elf anything she left. I knocked on the door. Nobody came. I checked to see if the door was locked. It wasn't and creaked open. I walked inside. Suddenly I was surrounded by guards. "WHO ARE YOU?!?!?" they all shouted.

    "Um, I honestly don't know myself. Apparently I'm supposed to fulfill some prophesy. Sorry about the clothes." I was still wearing my pijamas but apparently they didn't care about that because at the word "prophesy" they all stared.

    Finally one gaurd said, "Come with me. Now."

    I nodded. The guardrd led me down long hallways and corridors until eventually we came upon another door. The guard opened it. Inside was a big throne with a beautiful, majestic woman upon it. She was wearing a gold crown and a long royal blue dress. She had long, flowing blonde hair and blue eyes.

    "She claims she is the girl from the prophesy," the guard said. He bowed.

    I assumed that the woman sitting on the throne was the queen so I bowed also. "I don't claim anything," I said, "I landed here and an elf said I was from the prophesy and then brought me here."

    "If what you are saying is true then you indeed are the person to fulfill the prophesy."

    I stared, "Huh! Fat chance!"

    The queen smiled. "Well, the prophesy did state that the girl said odd phrases and wore foreign clothes."

    I blushed.

    "What's your name?"


    The queen turned white (if that was possible, she was already very pale), "So it's you, it's really you come to...help." There was a long pause before she said that last word.

    "Um....help? What do you mean by that?"

    "You can help us defeat the Evil One."

    "The Evil One? She's still alive?" It was true that I had written about the Evil One, an evil woman who lived in a dark castle on the edges of the town I had written about, Gasha, who sat there to get revenge. But in my story she had been slain by the heroic Ian (that name happened to be my crush's name). It seemed that not everything in my story was true.

    "Yes, I'm afraid so. I see you know about the Evil One."

    "Well, you could say that. I have heard of her."

    "Well, she is famous in these parts I suppose. You are from these parts?"I

    I was tempted to say, "Define 'these parts.'" But I didn't. Instead I said, "Like I said before, you could say that."

    The queen smiled. "Now that we have determined you are the one from the prophesy you will be trained by our trainer Ian." So there was an Ian, just not the Alex I wrote about.

    The queen introduced me to Ian. He had shaggy, blonde hair up to his shoulders, blue eyes, and light skin and even more handsome then my crush. He nodded when he saw me. He was carrying a sword.

    A long time past by as he trained me. I became good friends on Ian and even developed a new crush (no longer did I have a crush on the old Ian). Finally, as I was eating breakfast (I lived at the castle while I was there) Ian came to me and whispered in my ear, "You are ready."

    I realized he meant I was ready to fight the Evil One. And so I went to the castle she dwelt in. I looked up before going inside. I was all alone. The castle was all black with mountains swirling about. It looked like a good place to house Death.

    What I saw inside was shocking. It was the Evil One. But the Evil One was the seemingly kind queen at the castle I lived at. I stared, my mouth agape, shocked.

    She saw my expression, "Yes, it is I, the good queen and the Evil One."

    "But-but why?"

    "I was a queen first, then, in order to gain revenge. I became the Evil One."

    "Oh yes, I remember why."

    "Yes." The queen went to the window, "I was so young when it happened. I was foolish, as most people in love are. But the boy left me for a beautiful lady with blonde locks. And so, I turned myself into her when I was queen. Instead of the plain queen I became the beautiful one. But still, the one I loved never came back. So I got revenge on that woman. But that revenge wasn't enough. I wanted to kill. So I stayed the Evil One as well as the queen. I rather like being both, for you see, there is no black and white. There are two sides to everything. Now, please, kill me. There was no need for all that training. I just liked seeing you suffer. I like seeing everyone suffering. All you need to do is stab your sword in my heart."

    I raised the sword. I was about to slay her when I dropped the sword and everything turned black. I opened my eyes. I was sitting at my desk. I looked around my room. I heard my brother shouting, "Becca, do you want french toast?" I heard my other brother yelling, "Have you seen my soccer uniform?" I was back home. I looked at my story. I was shocked. It was practically the same as what I just dreamed about except for it wasn't me who was trained by Ian and this time the Evil One really was slain. Then it struck me. I laughed. I never was actually staying at the castle. This whole thing had really just been a dream.