• His paws tell a story, of his life thick and thin, of his life on his own, his battles, much of the path of any cat. Thomas...
    He got his color from the sand of the beaches:he sat on the beaches, so happy for the gift of the warm sand, so happy. The sand whispered into the cats ear,"You don't prod on me with pride young one, not like the others. I give you the gift of color." The sand cast itself around him, giving him the color of aged, brown, stone.
    He got his stripes from the night sky: He looked up at the sky, it began to wrap around him with jealousy, suffocating him with darkness. The night sky hissed,"Young one, I want your color I envy your gorgeous color. Now, GIVE IT TO ME!" Thomas's brave friend saw this and used his claws to rip through the shade. Dark, black, shaded stripes were left, that much like a tiger's stripes.
    He got his eyes from the plants. He sat warmly in the shelter of the trees, the prey they hid, the ancient whispers it produced. The trees whispered warmly to the cat: Young one, you are dear to me and the forest around. You are thankful and humble. You deserve more than dull gray eyes." The trees swayed around him, Turning his eyes into a deep, emerald green, that like the warmth of trees.
    He got his white chin from the snow leopard: He was working hard, pushing himself through the snow and ice. Through the blizzard he saw two, large, silver eyes. It was a snow leopard. the snow leopard said"you work hard young one, pushing through the inevitable" As the snow leopard went to nudge the young cat with pride, his chin, but just his chin, turned a deep, frosty, white.
    He got his scar from battle, and his comfort from a young girl: Thomas was in the middle of a battle when a cat brought his claws across young Thomas's face. But some great force-maybe nature itself- healed him, leaving behind only a single scar on his nose.
    Thomas found himself in a field. He was confused and dizzy, not knowing were his friends were. He was frightened, mewling from fear. Then he spotted a young girl. She looked at him with sorrowful, tearful, eyes. Though he was advised to watch out for humans, he went up to her, and nudged her arm, purring loudly. The girl looked at him curiously, some deep, longing in her eyes.
    The two stared at each other for a while. Tom's emerald green eyes gazed in the young girl's blue-green eyes, seeing and understanding that she understood. And they accepted each other.