• There once was a man with rather tall hat, He strolled out of his house, with his head held high and his back stood straight. Yet he couldn't hold this pose for very long for the hat was to tall and heavy you see. So the man with the rather tall hat would wobble and stumble, soon the man crashed to the ground and started to mope. After awhile a child looking no older then 4 walked up to the man with a rather tall hat and asked
    "Why on earth good sir do you wear such a tall and heavy sort of hat?".
    The man with a rather tall hat took off his rather tall hat and looked at the young boys face and said with a saddened voice
    "Well all the gentlemen that the girls woo over have something to be remembered by." The youngster looked astonished.
    "Why kind sir you don't have to be remembered for a girl to woo over you, you just have to give her your heart, your commitment, and remember to always show her that you love her."He said with kind of sing song voice
    the boy smiled with glee and skipped on his way.
    The man with the rather tall hat smiled and got up from the ground, He too skipped away with glee.