• i Awake in a room, wounds on my body, something is covering my eyes, its rough, but its a fabric, im not sure which kind, but it is soaked in something,............something that burns my eyes when i open them. i smell a stagnent, almost palpable smell, looming in the air, i cant move, my arms feel so tired, and my legs feel that unbearable numb feeling that tingles through out any part of the body that dosnt receive enough blood. i can feel a hard, non carpetted floor, with dents and breaks in it, i beleive its concrete. i want to yell, be found, but my mouth feels so dry, i try to let out a yell, but its muffled by a cough, as i choke on the bitter dryness, how long had i not drunk? And a better question, Howed i get here? ....Any way, i hear scattering taps on the hard floor everytime i shift my body, possibly rats, but i also notice something else. it gets harder to breathe the longer i stay here. i finnally muster up all my strength, and stand, having rested for about an hour making observations with my senses. i remove the thing covering my eyes, and rub them, they still burn a bit, so i examine the cloth, and find there was black ink on there, probly to not make the cloth see through. i can hardly see anything, the room is pitch black, it would be a scary sight, a man in a dark room, holding a cloth up to his face, so close he smells the stitches. i rip my pants, or trousers, these "Bags" hardly count as pants, but they will have to do, i open a small hole in them by grabbing them by their stitches, and tearing, making a pocket, and i put the cloth in. i look around, observing everything closely in the pitch black room, not trieng to miss anything. i notice the room is very small, no windows, and its made of concrete, but it looks old, and has a leak, and alot of rats, mice, and insects. i notice something odd...... the bugs and mice couldnt possibly be the cause of that awful smell in the room from earlier. i look aroundm, but find nothing, i hang my head down in wallowing in my own self incompetence, but then, i notice something......... there are stains on the floor......... Dark stains. i bend down, and close my eyes, inside my head praying its not what i think it is, i take a sniff, and immediatly draw back, the smell upclose nearly made me vomit. i looked at it closely, and came up with the conclusion........ its blood, but it couldnt be human blood, it was probly rat, or mice blood, probly mixed with dropings. i kneeled down, thinking of a way out. i got it!, i ran to a nearby blood stain, where rats and a few cockroaches gathered, and picked a rat up, suffring a few bites though, but i guess i could handle it. i took the cloth from my pocket, and ripped a piece off, and tied it to the rats tail, but there was a problem with the plan i had, i needed something..... something that made a sound. i could only find one way of getting that thing, i kneled down, looking for a crack, or break in the flor, after about 15 minutes im guessing, i found it, i started digging my nails into the concrete, i did this until my nails were littaraly off my fingers and bleeding, but i accomplished my goal, and when i was finished, i wrapped my fingertips in the cloth, though it burned because of the ink, which i guess dosnt dry. i now had a small chunk of concrete, so i tied it to the piece of cloth on the rats tail, and let it scurry off. my plan is to follow the sound to the exit, the rat had to get in somehow, there must be something. i followed the sound, occasionaly bumping into things i hadnt noticed while making observations, was i in a diffrent room? i still followed the rat, i followed the sound until i saw a light, it was dim, but im guessing it was because it was duck or soemthing, i still had no idea what time it was. i walked towards the light, not caring about the rat anymore, as it slowly scuttled away, keeping the cloth and blood soaked concrete, i walked, slowly, steadily, and with caution so i didnt bump into anything. As i got closer to the light, i started feeling chills, and i heard a noise, a loud thud, then metel to metel sound, i waked a little more, seeing the light come more into view, i saw a shadow, i walked a ittle more, hearing the sounds echoe, every step i took, the sound got heavier and heavier, and a stench grew, a pungent stench that filled my nose, i held my nose closed shut, and continued walking, still feeling the chill, and hearing the sound grow. i finnaly got to the light, a room, i was just outside of it, looking at a figure, still in the light, i squinted, my eyes still adjusting to the light, and walked towards it, but as soon as i stepped into the light, the figure turned,my eyes still adjusting saw it, i walked a little more towards it, Saying "Hello? Where am i? why am i here?" but the man, now i could see that much, didnt answer, he turned back around, and i heard the sound of metal scraping against metal, i looked at him, my eyes were now adjusted, just a little blury, but god enought to see the man, a tall, pudgy man, with a white butches coat on, covered in red stains. i walked to him, and as i was about to introduce myself, i saw him pull his arm back, and his face, a veiny face covered in wrinkles and pimples, and one eye missing, but this isnot what scared me, i got out "Hello, im-" then i saw his hand, weilding a giant butchers knife, i fell speechless, paraliized with fear, still standing, as he took his arm, and gave a smile, which gave me the chance to see his mouth, a yellow and black, cracky, and for some reason there was hair growing from his gums, which were bloody, and had maggots in them, barely poking out from the bottom of his gums. Then, well, i saw a swipe of the mans arm, and i saw a gush of red, and saw my body, still standing, i didnt ponder why i was on the floor and my body wasnt, i was just so tired, my eyes grew heavy, the rest of me felt non existent, the last sight was the man grabbing for me, and picking me up by my hair, and taking a last swipe, then everything went black......... but, i wonder, how will everyone else see this? on the paper will it say "Boy missing" or "Boy killed"? .......... No, life went on as normal, and in the fear, i even forgot who i was, but my name doesnt really matter, no one noticed when i died

    On the outside: The Person who did, died the same time as the Cicada's, which only come out every 17 years, and aas the Cicada's bodies littred the May streets, the boy was raked up along with them......... Piece by little piece.
    And another 17 Years later........ Another Ended up in the Room, Next time, it could be you.......... or your neighbor, bestfreind.