• He walked down the street, a gloomy street lamp flickers on and off in his mind was all the ways to get Jane and his vengence. [what to do when i see this b*****d do i run and gut him or do i want to make him feel the pain and make him beg for the sweet embrace of death whatever i do Jane i will get you back]. he walks along a curb where three wankstas sat all stand and walk towards him the shortest one smirks.
    "hey do i know you from school you went to state ridge?" he keeps walking. the igneront boy goes to grab his legs. Shinpo without stopping jumps in the air. he stops and lands on the teens hands. He falls back in pain and embaresment. the two others rush at him. he ducks and holds out his fists waiting in perfect stillness as if he were a statue posing for the world and the two run into him full force nearly breaking their ribs. Shinpo using his time grabbed one wankstas arm and broke it and used the others to which his arm was locked in place. "And what makes you so fast to see your death?" shinpo guestions to him holdin his gun to the teens head. " we didnt plan on you being like this. the teen cowers. We assumed you were a esay target. please dont kill me." Shinpo laughs he puts the gun in the teens head and reposistioned his arm using the force that of a a jet turbine explosion. " i'm not. he laughs. You are!" he pushes the teens finger . BANG. the first wanksta crawls for dear life. "Do you want to be next or are you gonna be a good boy?" the teen nods his head and runs. He continues to walk disregarding the teen who was now crawling away. He reaches his destination. The doors slides open shining a solom light swinging over the man and Jane. He walks in as if a convict walking to his death slowly making his way to the hooded man. " now that you are here let me make this clear i want what you have and you will not get away with her alive with it." he pulls down his hood to the face of a Lizards scars and a balded head." my humanity!" the two stare each other in the eye and make no moves. slowly they both move away a stalemate to see who makes the first move ,untill the man does what Shinpo feared the most. " get rid of the B****h!" Shinpo moves as if everyone was in slowmotion, anger, fear, excitement, his punch meets his face. The man dosn't move. " nice one my turn." he punches Shinpo in the gut with just as much force. He falls to the ground." SHINPO!!!!!!..." she is gagued. "The name of the man you will never forget my name is Kenji... Shinpo blacks out.